I’m Heidi Brockmyre, M.S. L.Ac, fertility expert & experienced acupuncturist


I teach women around the world how to create total fertility wellness by preparing the mind, body, and spirit for fertility and pregnancy. Through my revolutionary online programs, I’ve had the joy of empowering thousands of women with the tools and techniques of ancient traditional medicines to overcome fertility issues and grow their families.


And in my San Diego clinic, my team and I use acupuncture and other holistic medicines to improve the wellbeing of our clients, including those struggling with specific health complaints, and women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are in postpartum recovery.


Fifteen years ago, I was teaching English in Korea and traveling through Asia and Central America, when I felt the ‘pull’ towards learning how to heal people naturally.

I followed my heart and it led me to studying martial arts, herbology, and traditional Mayan medicine from indigenous healers of Belize and then getting my Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.

I wanted to be someone who did good things for others.

So I trained to become a licensed acupuncturist. While I was in acupuncture school, I used Chinese medicine to enhance my own fertility and well-being, and fell pregnant with my son. Chinese medicine has remained an integral part of family life: supporting me during pregnancy, a natural birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding. And I’ve relied on it to keep my son healthy throughout his childhood.


The relationship I have with my son, and my personal experience of Chinese medicine, inspired me to specialize in helping women conceive beautiful, healthy babies.

In the early years of my business, I worked with hundreds of women in my San Diego clinic, but I wanted to help more.

I developed an online program that helped women take action every day, in their own home, to empower themselves and play an active role in their health care regimen.


Since then I have continued to develop more programs to help women all over the world take control of their fertility health, while in San Diego, my acupuncture clinic continues to treat people with a variety of health conditions, including fertility struggles. I also run a mentorship program to help other acupuncturists achieve the same global reach I have, so that together we can create a worldwide health paradigm shift.


I feel hugely blessed to run a business doing the work I love, using powerful ancient healing techniques to help my clients with their modern day problems.


But I couldn’t run this business on my own (and I wouldn’t want to - my team are amazing).


my team


Sandra McKay -
Acupuncturist at my clinic in San Diego


Chinese Herbal Medicine Distant 1:1 Consultant

Hi, I’m Sandra McKay

M.S.,  L. Ac.    

I have been practicing acupuncture since 2005.

I was raised on a 20 acre farm in Northwest Washington with an organic garden, fresh eggs and local salmon. 

After graduating high school, I went to a local college to study art and anthropology, I then pursued a career in archaeology.  On one of my first paid excavations I injured my back and it continued to bother me for the next 7 years due to the nature of the work; digging, traveling, and lifting screens full of heavy dirt. Western doctors offered nothing other than anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers which only provided temporary relief.

One day, while at work, I read article about Otzi the 5,000 yr old man found frozen in the Swiss Alps who appeared to have tattoo marks on acupuncture points.  I started to read everything I could about acupuncture and went to an acupuncturist for my back pain. After two treatments I was pain free!


Acupuncture seemed like the perfect career change so I packed my bags and moved to San Diego to attend Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  After being in practice for a few years I started to shift my attention to fertility. There is something incredibly rewarding about helping bring a child into a loving family.  Many of my original fertility clients have added to their family and continue to see me throughout the pregnancy and postpartum, I love being"part of the family"!

I am passionate about being part of a holistic solution and regularly attend acupuncture fertility seminars and trainings so I can help you get pregnant!


Acupuncture therapy plays a vital part in awakening the body's ability to maintain a fertile environment for both men and women.  


 As a healing practitioner there is no greater joy to me than playing a role in the creation of life.


Underpinning the work we do at the San Diego clinic and through my online programs, are three core beliefs:

#1 Life and health struggles, including fertility struggles, are an indication that something isn’t working for you in your life. Resolving this takes a holistic approach, and offers the opportunity to experience more happiness and well-being than ever before.


#2 To tap in that happiness and well-being we need to look beyond conventional medicine and make use of the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, Shamanism and other holistic approaches.


#3 What you do everyday in your own home, is far more powerful than what happens during a short clinic visit. While we have hundreds of testimonials supporting the effectiveness of our acupuncture treatments at our clinic, we believe that the best results come when women are empowered with the knowledge and techniques they need to make ancient medicine a part of their daily life.

That’s why it’s my life’s work to share everything I know with you so you can have the healthy, thriving family--and life--that you’ve always wanted.