Practising Acupuncture


How does one start their mission to help other women make the babies and families of their dreams?

It all started 10 years ago.

I was teaching English in Korea and traveling through Asia and Central America, when I felt the ‘pull’ towards learning how to heal people naturally.

I couldn’t tell you why I felt the pull then, but it led me to studying martial arts, herbology, and traditional Mayan medicine from indigenous healers of Belize and then getting my Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.

But I didn’t become the baby-maker and fertility cheerleader I am today from there.

The last job I had before I started on my healing journey was being a cocktail waitress. I was miserable and dreaded work because I just didn't feel right hustling money off of something that wasn't good for people.

So when I got pregnant, that was that. I quit! I didn’t want to be like Carla from Cheers!

I wanted to be someone who did something good for people.

Which turned into becoming a licensed acupuncturist, specializing in fertility in my practice, and helping women just like you conceive beautiful, healthy babies.

I grew passionate about this work after I had my own miscarriage and really felt the physical and emotional toll it took on me.

The screen that showed my empty sac. Feeling so sad and shocked. I wasn’t able to understand what was ‘wrong’ with me. And this was after I had already gotten pregnant and had a son!

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It is truly only something a woman can experience.

Me and my baby! 

Me and my baby! 

But I had the knowledge, tools, and self-awareness to come out on the other side.

I learned that paying attention to my body and seeing my challenges as a way for me to become closer to myself and my true desires is what helped me get pregnant my first time--with my amazing son--who happened to be an unexpected surprise after starting regular acupuncture and living healthier. (I couldn’t think of a better way for my body to surprise me!)

Another miracle happened, too.

I was drawn to the book ‘Calling in the One’ by Katherine Thomas about attracting your soulmate into your life.

It was all intended to help make changes from within and to work through old emotional patterns and beliefs..which also happens to be the reason why some women don’t get pregnant or can’t ‘manifest’ their baby.

Their thoughts aren’t aligned with their actions, and it leaves them with an empty womb and even worse--a broken heart.

But that’s what made me create my signature online fertility programs: After testing it out with patients at my clinic and running it on the web, behold! Women who previously had harbored emotional and physical stress and deep-seated beliefs about their body’s ability to conceive...got pregnant!

Then more of my clients -both globally and locally - wanted to know what else they could do at home using the wisdom of Chinese medicine to empower themselves and play an active role in their health care regimen. That’s when I created my second signature program teaching specific research-based, clinically proven acupressure protocols for pregnancy success. And wouldn’t you know, more women got pregnant!

Finally, I decided to combine the best elements of both programs to create my revolutionary most effective signature program to date - Total Fertility Wellness™.

It isn’t a magic bullet (there never is), but it sure does help lay the groundwork for you to get the job done. I incorporated all of my expertise with acupuncture, manifesting, and the wisdom of Chinese medicine--which I believe are magical and mysterious--and I love using them and talking about them in a practical way to help women get pregnant faster!

The first step to a healthy pregnancy is a healthy reproductive cycle. That’s why I’ve created my FREE “How Fertile is Your Cycle” Quiz, to teach you about the health of your cycle and what steps you need to take now to bring you closer to pregnancy. (Click here to take the quiz.)

I'm grateful I’ve used the tools I teach to preserve my fertility and slow down my own ‘ticking clock’. Although I am sick of using that term--it just doesn’t make anyone feel good!

My son is the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. And I know you can’t imagine your life without your baby, too! That’s why it’s my life’s work to share everything I know with you so you can have the healthy, thriving family--and life--that you’ve always wanted.

"The Positively Fertile Program helped me to refocus my thoughts and beliefs about my body and my ability to conceive. The breathing yoga excercises were easy and quick. The visulations and excercises helped me start the day off right. I had been getting so caught up in what's wrong with me and look for more "problems" to ask the doctor about. The program shifted me to a proactive mentality and allowed me to feel some control over my situation. Now I'm the proud mother of my daughter, Mia." -J. Martin

Grab the 3-Step Instant Fertility Boost!

Grab The 3-Step Instant Fertility Boost!
"Heidi was fantastic throughout the entire fertility treatment. Prior to my first IUI, my doctor diagnosed me with a low egg count and recommended acupuncture to increase my chances of getting pregnant. After 2 weeks of treatments with Heidi, I found out I was pregnant after my FIRST IUI. I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we are so thankful to Heidi. I will definitely continue my treatments with Heidi when we are ready for baby #2!" -Aubrey Eblin
"After going off birth control, I still wasn't pregnant after a year. My husband and I went to our doctors, had tests done, and I found out I didn't seem to be evaluating. I spent several months on assorted drugs to promote ovulation and menstruation. I was also experiencing some unpleasant side effects due to the medication. My doctor finally told me he had no real diagnosis for me. He recommended me to the infertility specialist, and asked me to consider next steps such as IUI as well as continuing with medication to regulate my cycles. I wasn't sure about taking these next steps. A friend who was also dealing with infertility suggested that I try Zen Fertility Center. I started seeing Heidi along with taking herbs. Heidi was so helpful accommodating. She was easy to talk to and very detailed about her observations and methods of treatment. The acupuncture itself was painless and very relaxing. I noticed that I was sleeping better and little aches and pains had dis-appeared within the first few sessions. After about 3 months of acupuncture, I discovered I was pregnant. Heidi was wonderful to work with and I would recommend her to anyone." -Melissa K.



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