I'm Heidi Brockmyre, L.Ac., fertility acupuncturist.

My team and I have years of experience helping hundreds of women expand their families with Chinese medicine.  

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In addition to my revolutionary online program, I also run a fertility acupuncture clinic locally in San Diego.

My team and I specialize in helping couples get pregnant and STAY pregnant by supporting all roads to conception, including:

  • Natural Conception
  • Medicated Cycle
  • IUI Cycle
  • IVF/FET Cycle
  • Donor Egg
  • Surrogacy Support
  • Miscarriage Recovery
  • Prenatal Treatment

Meet my Partner:

Sandra McKay, L.Ac., M.S.

Sandra with her nieces

Sandra with her nieces

With over 10 years of experience, there is something incredibly rewarding about helping to bring a child into a loving family.  My fertility clients continue to see me throughout the pregnancy and postpartum. I love being 'part of their family'!

I was raised on a 20 acre farm in Northwest Washington with an organic garden, fresh eggs and local salmon.  My parents always tried a holistic approach before turning to western medicine. I even watched my siblings come into this world at home with the help of a local midwife.

Specializing in fertility acupuncture felt like the natural choice for me. 


We've helped hundreds in San Diego conceive their babies with the help of fertility acupuncture and Chinese medicine and we can help YOU.

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Heidi Brockmyre performing fertility treatment on a patient
"Heidi was fantastic throughout the entire fertility treatment. Prior to my first IUI, my doctor diagnosed me with a low egg count and recommended acupuncture to increase my chances of getting pregnant. After 2 weeks of treatments with Heidi, I found out I was pregnant after my FIRST IUI. I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we are so thankful to Heidi. I will definitely continue my treatments with Heidi when we are ready to try for baby #2!" -Aubrey Eblin


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Have a look at some proof. 

You may be able to conceive more quickly (saving thousands of dollars, let alone heartache and time) with our help if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • Just coming off a hormonal birth control method
  • Haven’t conceived after trying for 6 months or longer
  • Irregular or no cycle
  • Male factor infertility
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Painful or otherwise problematic menstrual cycles
  • Anovulatory (not ovulating)
  • 35 or older
  • Decreased Ovarian Reserve
  • Poor egg quality
  • High FSH
  • Luteal Phase Defect
  • IVF/IUI/FET Treatment
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Fibroids
  • Stress-related hormone imbalance
Since my first meeting with Heidi, I knew I was in good hands. I looked forward to my weekly meetings with her. She suggested I changed my diet and take some supplements. I followed her orders and a month later we were expecting our first child. I continued to see Heidi throughout my pregnancy, and she hlped me with back pain, nausea and getting my body ready for delivery. I could not have gotten through it all without her! Heidi was so knowledgable and encouraging. I not only became pregnant after only one month of acupuncture, but I also experienced a better quality of life. I will forever be thankful for everything Heidi helped me through. -Cristina B, San Diego, CA

What to expect from your personalized treatment:

Chinese medicine is a medical system over 3000 years old. It includes not only acupuncture, but Chinese herbal prescriptions, but also lifestyle and nutrition advice

Our goal is to develop a plan for you to take control over your reproductive health and prime you for pregnancy by balancing your system.

What you do at home is equally if not more important than what your healthcare practitioner does for you during treatment. With our expertise and guidance, you’ll know exactly what to do in your daily life to successfully conceive.

When should you begin fertility acupuncture treatment?

If possible, I recommend starting treatment as soon as possible before your fertility treatment to best prepare for a healthy pregnancy and live birth. The sooner you begin, the more time we have to prepare your body for a successful outcome.  

Not only will you receive acupuncture, but also personalized:

  • Nutrition and dietary advice
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Custom herbal prescriptions
  • Fertility coaching (supporting you as you advocate for yourself and navigate on your fertility path integrating both holistic and conventional approaches.)
Grab The 3-Step Instant Fertility Boost!
"Heidi was there for me when I was in tears and hanging on to my last positive threads of hope. It was so nice to have that support and know that I was doing something good for my body and my soul. Thanks for all the knowledge and hope that you've given me over this journey!" -Stephafie, Mother of Liam, San Diego

Does it hurt?

Most patients don’t feel the needles go in. They are tiny, hair-thin needles that penetrate just the surface are rarely inserted more than a couple millimeters. I prefer to call them antennas because that’s a more accurate description of what they do. Plus the word “needle” triggers fear in many people.

Oddly enough, acupuncture is deeply relaxing. I know being poked with needles sounds like a form of torture, but it induces a unique relaxation experience unlike any other. The feeling of relaxation and wellbeing can last for hours. A feeling of reduced anxiety and stress and improved sleep often lasts for days.

The needles are sterile and used only once and then disposed of in a Sharps container. Nothing goes in them or comes out of them.

The needles are NOT directly inserted into your ‘private areas’. (Men seeking fertility treatment often fear this possibility and need to be reassured that this is not the case.)

I give Heidi 5 stars. I went to her for fertility acupuncture in 2012. I wouldn't say that we specifically had issues getting pregnant, but it just took longer than we wanted. Heidi always made me feel comfortable (and not crazy) plus she helped get my body back on track after years of birth control. We had our baby in January and we'll be going back to Heidi next year when we decide to start trying again. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a "non drug" approach to speeding up the process of getting pregnant. -Dawn Z., San Diego


San Diego Fertility Acupuncture

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Insurance info: Sandra McKay is an in-network provider for Anthem Blue Shield/Blue Cross, Aetna, Blue Cross of California and United Healthcare. 

However most insurance does not cover the initial consultation, in which case you will be responsible for an out-of-pocket payment for the first visit.

Heidi is not an in-network provider, however if you have out-of-network acupuncture coverage with PPO insurance, payment at the time of service is required, but we provide you with a special insurance receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement according to your benefits. 

You can check your benefits at this link. We will let you know if and what your benefits are.

Heidi Brockmyre - fertility acupuncture specialist


Call (619) 518-6608 now for a free consult.

Grab The 3-Step Instant Fertility Boost!
Heidi is, in a word, awesome! I saw her weekly for nearly three years before we moved out of the area and she saw me through two successful IVF cycles. I would still be seeing her if we were local! I firmly believe that seeing Heidi on a regular basis is why we were so successful with our IVF treatment. She guided us down the twisting and turning road of infertility, coupled with a few bumps, all while being supportive, empathetic, and incredibly knowledgable. Additionally, Heidi is informed of the most recent Western Medicine research, well versed in who can provide the best infertility treatment in San Diego for your particular situation, and offers great holistic suggestions based on her Eastern Medicine wisdom. If you are seeking acupuncture for infertility, or even just acupuncture in general, I can not more enthusiastically recommend Heidi's services. Make your appointment to see her today! -Annemarie L., San Diego

How does acupuncture work? 

Acupuncture treats everything from infertility, irregular cycles, pregnancy symptoms, miscarriage, back pain, migraines, digestive problems, and stress.  It works by balancing the "qi" throughout your body.  Qi is the vital energy in all living things, from the tallest tree to the smallest cell.

Acupuncture meridians are like rivers inside the body.  Wherever a river flows, it carries water that provides nourishment and sustenance for life on our planet.  When a river runs dry or bottle necks, animals, plants and all forms of life either go thirsty or get damaged by the excess flow.

Similarly, meridians are the rivers where Qi flows inside of us.  Qi flows through meridians as an invisible current, energizing, nourishing and supporting every cell, gland, muscle, organ, and gland.

When blood and qi flow get blocked, it causes disease.  Acupuncture works by unblocking blood and qi flow and redirecting it the areas that need it.  

In the case of improving fertility, acupuncture for fertility stimulates blood and qi flow to the reproductive organs, delivering the hormones and nutrients they need to thrive. By improving blood and qi flow, your eggs, uterine lining, and sperm receive the proper nourishment to thrive


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