Fertility Self-Massage to Get Pregnant Faster

Learn how to give yourself an abdominal massage to improve fertility by increasing flow to your uterus and ovaries. Increasing circulation to your uterus and ovaries can increase your fertility for many different reasons and in many different situations.

Watch the video for detailed instructions. 

This self-massage is excellent to increase your fertility if:

  • You're trying to conceive (TTC) naturally
  • You're preparing for an upcoming IUI, IVF, FET or Donor egg cycle
  • You have endometriosis, fibroids or polyps
  • You have a thin uterine lining, menstrual clots or light periods
  • You skip periods or don't get a period
  • You have long cycles
  • You have irregular cycle
  • You want to improve your egg quality and quantity
  • You have a history of birth control use