Relieve Endometriosis and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Endometriosis can be without symptoms or extremely painful. Either way, it can impair your ability to conceive. 

In this video, I cover these important points and tips:

  • Cause of up to 50% of fertility issues but difficult to diagnose and only surgically. It may be affecting your ability to conceive, even without symptoms so take precautions.

  • Conventional treatments can eventually worsen the endometriosis (hormones, painkillers) so try natural approach.

  • Avoid Dioxins - herbicides/chlorine, in bleach tampons - use pads/organic, organic underwear

  • Avoid Xenoestrogens - in milk, meat and plastics

  • In Chinese medicine, we consider endometriosis a liver imbalance

  • Reduce or cut out alcohol

  • Have a high anti-oxidant diet - eat lots of cooked veggies and fruits like berries, antioxidant drink

  • Eat organic radishes and carrots regularly

  • Liver cleanse with milk thistle

  • Use castor oil packs

  • Test for food sensitivity and allergies

  • Avoid refined sugars, white flour and rice

  • Use honey

  • Minimize stress

  • You may have Inflammation - those with endometriosis are four times as likely to have allergies

  • Thyroid antibodies are common with endometriosis. Get your thyroid tested.

  • Get tested for MTHFR factor - Take methylfolate instead of Folic Acid.

  • The supplement Wobenzyme may help.

  • Avoid soy

  • Vitamin E oil and Selenium (Brazil nuts) and magnesium may help with pain

I hope this video helps you to relieve your endometriosis and conceive your healthy baby!