Miscarriage, Pregnancy & Mindset

Listen to my podcast episode with The Fertility Friday Podcast to learn:

  • How does Chinese Medicine help women to cope with stress?

  • What are some of the reasons women experience miscarriage?

  • How is miscarriage looked at from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective?

  • The connection between our hearts and our womb and why that matters when trying to conceive

  • When is the right time to start trying for a baby after having a miscarriage?

  • Is there a benefit to waiting a few months to try again?

  • Why we should be thinking about the postpartum period when trying to conceive

  • Why is it important for a woman to cultivate a positive mindset when trying to conceive?

  • The role of meditation in mindset and stress reduction

  • How to be successful when making dietary & lifestyle changes

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Heidi Brockmyre