12 Signs Your Uterine Lining May Be Too Thin to Conceive

Some women know their lining is too thin based on the results of  an ultrasound during their fertility treatment.

But if you’re trying to conceive naturally and you’re not getting an ultrasound, there’s no way to know.

Either way, a healthy and plentiful uterine lining with good circulation is necessary for successful implantation - whether you conceive naturally or with IUI or IVF.

In Chinese medicine, a condition known as blood deficiency can lead to a thin uterine lining making it difficult to get and stay pregnant.
In this short video, I reveal 12 signs from a Chinese medicine perspective that you need to increase your uterine lining:

Are you wondering if your uterine lining is too thin? Unless you go to the doctor and get an ultrasound because you're being monitored for fertility treatment, you're not really gonna know if your uterine lining is too thin or not, right? You're not gonna know if you're getting enough circulation to your uterus. Having a healthy uterine lining that's thick enough, that has the triple layers, it has really good circulation, is obviously really important for implantation and for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy, lasting pregnancy and a healthy baby. If you're trying naturally and you're not getting ultrasounds to measure your uterine lining, what are some signs that your uterine lining may be too thin? That's what I wanna go over right now.

Well, some of the major signs that may indicate that your uterine lining is too thin and not getting good, healthy circulation is, for one thing, if you have a very light period. If you're only getting maybe one day of flow or one and a half days of flow, not a full two days of flow, and let's say the flow is very light... you're only needing a panty liner or a light tampon and you're not really having to change it out, it's barely filling it, then that is a sign that your uterine lining is probably too thin if your period's really light, or if you're having a really short period. Like I said, if it's only lasting about a day, a day and a half.

Or, if the flow of your period is really watery and it's not that thick, that could be another sign that your uterine lining is thin because to even flush out the lining, your body's needing to use fluids because there's not even a substantial amount of blood there. Or, if the color of your flow is like a pink pale color that would also be a sign that you're not having a substantial thickness of your uterine lining, and good triple layer lining with good circulation to it. Some other signs that, besides just the consistency of your flow, and the color, and so forth of your flow, that you might have what we call blood deficiency. In Chinese medicine blood deficiency that would show up as a thin uterine lining may be that you're also ovulating really late in your cycle. You should be ovulating around day 14 in your cycle.

Let's say you're ovulating maybe day 21 or later in your cycle. That could be a sign of what we would say is blood deficiency because there's just not enough blood flow there to actually support your egg maturing on time and ovulating on time. That would be another sign of what we call blood deficiency from a Chinese medicine point of view. Other signs of blood deficiency that have less to do with your cycle and more just with your overall health and so forth would be if you have dry skin or dry hair or dry eyes. This is because your body's not producing enough substantial, really nourishing, nutrient rich blood to nourish your skin, your hair, your eyes. If you have poor memory or difficulty focusing, or if you're getting headaches or if you're tired a lot, or if you have trouble sleeping, or if you have anxiety, a combination of these signs can also indicate that you're lacking a substantial amount of blood, that your body's not producing enough healthy, nutrient rich blood cells.

Now, this may or may not be indicated by anemia. You may not be iron deficient. If your iron levels have been measured and your doctor says they're fine and you say, "No, but I'm not anemic. I have plenty of blood," it's different in Chinese medicine. It's not something that can be necessarily measured by a test. However, if you are iron deficient, that would be another sign that you do have some blood deficiency. In Chinese medicine, we measure the health of your blood quality by these symptoms. If you're having a really healthy period, if you're not having any signs like dry skin, dry hair, dry eyes, difficulty sleeping, focusing, poor memory, then most likely your blood deficiency is not your pattern. If you are having any of these signs, then it's a good indication that you do need to really nourish your blood.

This is one of the focuses in my online program Fertility Activation Method. Not only do you learn these different patterns, what might be your pattern, such as blood deficiency, but also the tools in my program help you to actually address these issues so that you're having a healthier period, so that you're having healthier blood flow to your uterine lining so it's thick enough so you can have implantation and a healthy pregnancy and so forth. In Fertility Activation Method, there's a focus on building blood throughout your entire cycle so that the uterus is nourished because this is such an important part of fertility, of having healthy eggs, having healthy uterus, having healthy pregnancy and so forth. Healthy digestion and having really good sleep contribute to being able to build up healthy blood cells as well.

In fact, there's such a strong focus on nourishing the entire body in my program Fertility Activation Method, because it's so, so, so important for your fertility. If you wanna learn more about my four step method for getting pregnant easier and healthier and more affordable way, then you can sign up in the masterclass. I hope that this was helpful for you. I hope that your uterus is nice and healthy.