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Fertility e-courses

What you do everyday at home is more powerful than brief interventions in a clinic. Through my online programs I give you the tools and techniques you need to reclaim control of your fertility journey, and take positive steps everyday towards creating and sustaining a healthy pregnancy.


Taking Targeted Action

Sometimes it helps to focus on one area at a time. These programs focus on the most common problems women approach me with, and provide actionable solutions that provide rapid relief:


Emotional Wellness Workbook™- $47

A step-by-step guided emotional healing process to stay positive throughout your fertility journey. 90% of my clients who've completed this workbook go on to have success in growing their families. Heal stuck emotions that affect each organ system (and your fertilityas a result) according to Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory.


Liver Detox + Hormone Balancing Self-Acupressure Protocol - $47

This easy-to-follow instructional video teaches you a self-acupressure sequence that relieves stress, supports the liver acu-meridian to balance hormones and regulate your cycle, thereby improving your fertility.

Especially useful with a history of birth control use and/or irregular cycles.


Digestive Support Plan for Conception- $97

Digestive health is the foundation of fertility and is absolutely crucial for improving fertility. A poorly functioning digestive system steals energy away from your reproductive system and can cause systemic inflammation - which is not good news for baby-making. And your body won’t be assimilating all the nutrition from the food you eat. So even if you are eating all the right foods, your body may not be getting what it needs.  

Use this powerful acupressure technique to optimize the functioning of your digestive system. By spending a few minutes each day, applying gentle pressure to the points as demonstrated in the video, you can stimulate your digestive system, improve how well it functions, and increase the nutrition your body is able to absorb from the food you eat.  Includes a dietary guide to show you what to eat and avoid during each phase of your cycle, and during pregnancy.


Healthy Digestion in Pregnancy Plan - $97

Get safe relief from common pregnancy digestive symptoms such as nausea, constipation and loss of appetite. My dietary guide will walk you through each trimester of your pregnancy and tell you what to eat and what to avoid during these times.

At the same time, you’ll be using a powerful pregnancy-safe digestive support acupressure protocol to optimize the functioning of your digestive system.


Empowered Fertility Tracking E-Program


Understand your Fertility and Track Your Cycle for Pregnancy Success. Learn how to track your cycle so you can get pregnant faster.

You may already be tracking ovulation, which is important, but that’s just one piece of the fertility puzzle.

Tracking your health symptoms, your emotions and your cycle alerts you to imbalances that may be preventing you from getting pregnant. By tracking and understanding these imbalances, you’re empowered to support your fertility and get pregnant sooner.

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In your quest for a successful pregnancy, you’ve tried almost everything. Almost. But have you tried this?

There’s a technique you can use, every day at home, that will enhance your fertility and increase your chances of getting and staying pregnant.

If you're ready to take action now and get started with Total Fertility Wellness, click below: 


Total Pregnancy Wellness


Congratulations on your beautiful pregnancy.

I know it’s taken a lot for you to get to this point, but the work doesn't stop when conception happens.

Instead of anxiously waiting out the next few months, and hoping for the best, now is the time to take positive action towards supporting your pregnancy.

There’s a technique you can use to help support and encourage a successful pregnancy.