Why use Chinese Herbal Medicine to get pregnant?

  • Supports healthy egg quality for natural, IUI and IVF conception
  • Balances your reproductive hormones for successful ovulation and implantation
  • Prepares your body for pregnancy so that you can sustain a healthy pregnancy and prevent miscarriage
  • Helps build a healthy uterine lining for a healthy and lasting pregnancy

By the time you're seeking support to get pregnant, it's likely you need to take more drastic measures bring your fertility and health back into balance. 

Acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbal medicine are natural ways to work with your body to bring it back into balance and maximize your fertility to get pregnant.


The Chinese herbal medicine system requires extensive training & mentoring to practice.


Introducing my colleague & team member: Sandra McKay, M.S. L.Ac., Expert Chinese Herbalist, Acupuncturist, and Fertility Specialist.

Sandra is fully trained in the Chinese Herbal Medicine System. She's ready and waiting to prescribe a customized herbal plan just for you and your particular fertility needs.


Why is Chinese medicine more effective?

There are two main reasons:


Typically in the West, whether we're using a natural approach or pharmaceutical approach, we think of treating a disease or condition and we choose a remedy that combats that condition. 

in chinese medicine, we treat the person, not the disease.

For example: 3 women may come to me with irregular menstrual cycles. But the REASON each of those women are having an irregular cycle maybe completely different. What may regulate one woman's cycle, may cause more problems for the other woman.

This is why it's not recommended to self-prescribe herbs based on your condition. 
Chinese herbal medicine has been developed for thousands of years and is based on a sophisticated system for pinpointing imbalances and matching the right herbs to that imbalance rather than throwing herbs at a symptom and hoping for the best. 


Chinese herbs are rarely used individually in clinics. They are used exclusively in herbal formulas where multiple herbs are combined. These combinations are designed to boost an herb’s effectiveness, address several maladies at once, or to counter potential side effects.


How can Chinese herbs make you more fertile?

When you consult with an expert Chinese herbalist who has had the proper training and is a licensed practitioner, you will share your health history in detail. The practitioner will then determine what are your specific root imbalances and then choose a Chinese herbal formula to restore your health and fertility. 

Oftentimes, the herbal formulas will change throughout your menstrual cycle because there are different goals during each phase through which your body needs the customized support.

Be CERTAIN your Chinese herbalist is experienced and uses a high quality herbal product! Not all herbal products are created equal. Some may have contaminants and/or they may not be potent. 

By addressing the root problems and bringing your body back into balance, Chinese herbs can:

  • Balance your hormones
  • Regulate your cycle
  • Promote ovulation
  • Support implantation and early pregnancy
  • Increase blood flow
  • Calm stress
  • Improve male factor

How booking an herbal consult with my team works:

Private Herbal Consultation

For an herbal program to work, it needs to be followed for at least 3-6 months, or until pregnant (whichever comes first). The herbs need to be monitored and adjusted monthly based on how your body and cycle changes as they take effect. Results on average happen between 3-6 months (or 3-6 month cycles.) For that reason, we offer 3-month herbal consult packages only. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the herbs safe if I get pregnant?

Yes, the herbs are safe if you get pregnant. I only use pregnancy-safe herbs. However once a pregnancy test is confirmed, I stop the herbs unless there's a history of miscarriage or signs of impending miscarriage.

Q: Will the herbs work for me?

Because the herbs are customized, they can work for balancing anyone. Herbs often are the missing puzzle piece that gives your body what it needs.

Customized herbal medicine is the only additional thing I'd recommend besides my comprehensive program, Total Fertility Wellness™. Except of course, appropriate medical care! 

The herbs give the acupuncture and acupressure something to work with. Together they produce amazing results.

Also, the herbs alone are so effective at regulating your cycle and resolving deeply-rooted fertility imbalances.  It's not an overnight fix because they bring the body into balance naturally. It generally takes about 3 months for the herbs to begin to really see the effects of the herbs balancing your system.

Ultimately, I want to provide you with every tool in my arsenal to create your total fertility plan. These Herbal Consults with Sandra are a part of your complete fertility plan. Book now by choosing an option below: