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I work with women and couples to grow their families both in San Diego and around the world. I offer my acupuncture services locally. Globally I help women conceive through my signature online fertility programs and digital products.

Whether you're trying to conceive naturally or through assisted conception, whether you're in San Diego or miles away, I have a fertility solution that can help you reach your dreams. 


Fertility solutions just for you:

My best-selling tools, resources and services to make your fertility journey easier, quicker and more successful!


Safely harness the power of Chinese herbal medicine to optimize your fertility. Get a customized herbal prescription to balance each phase of your cycle to conceive naturally and/or prepare for an upcoming fertility treatment cycle.

Herbs prescribed by an expert Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist specializing in fertility with over 10+ years experience.


Based on my 10+ years of clinical experience nutritionally advising my fertility patients. Know exactly how to customize your diet and supplement plan according to your specific fertility needs. Organized to support and balance each phase of your cycle and/or fertility treatment process.



This easy-to-follow instructional video teaches you a self-acupressure sequence that naturally supports your body to promote more fertile cervical mucus in preparation for ovulation and fertilization.




Liver Detox + Hormone Balancing Self-Acupressure Protocol

This easy-to-follow instructional video teaches you a self-acupressure sequence that relieves stress, supports the liver acu-meridian to balance hormones and regulate your cycle, thereby improving your fertility. This simple technique can be used anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Especially useful with a history of birth control use and/or irregular cycles.


Chinese Medicine for Fertility Summit

Learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine helps you balance your hormones, optimize implantation, improve egg and sperm quality, manage fibroids and cysts and get pregnant naturally and/or with fertility treatments from 20 world renowned expert video-interviews.



Emotional Wellness Workbook™

A step-by-step guided emotional healing process to stay positive throughout your fertility journey. 90% of my clients who've completed this workbook go on to have success in growing their families. Heal stuck emotions that affect each organ system (and your fertility as a result) according to Chinese Medicine Five Element  Theory.

On Sale for $47!

(Normally $97)

Total Fertility Wellness™

Clinically-Proven Home Self-Acupressure System for (Natural, IUI and IVF) Pregnancy Success             

My signature program you can do anytime, anywhere in the comfort of your own home. Comprehensive system of clinically-proven easy-to-follow self-acupressure instructional videos to support every phase of your cycle and each step of your fertility treatment for pregnancy success