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The simple fact is that research and studies have been done which prove that women who take supplements get pregnant faster and have better pregnancies.

Here’s a great example:

The Journal of Reproductive Medicine conducted a study in 2004 which showed a correlation between fertility supplements and pregnancy rates. The double blind study (in which neither the researchers nor the subjects knew who was taking placebo and who was taking the fertility supplements) conducted at Stanford University, involved thirty women between the ages of twenty-four to forty-six, who had not been able to conceive. After five months, five of the fifteen women taking fertility supplements conceived, while there were no pregnancies in the placebo group.

In fact, research and clinical practice come down on the side of fertility supplementation for both aspiring parents. Regardless of which one of you has been diagnosed with an imbalance, increasing both partners’ level of health has been linked with higher pregnancy rates. This is of course common sense—the healthier the genetic material, the healthier the child.

There really is no arguing against the fact that a healthy YOU makes a healthy little you!

And because it takes 3 months for your eggs to mature, starting to take supplements at least 3 months before you conceive improves the quality of your egg to be ovulated and fertilized.

You do want a beautiful baby in your belly, right? :)

It’s also important to note that while supplements don’t replace a healthy diet, they sure as anything help with keeping your health consistent.

Especially if you find yourself nauseous before or during a pregnancy and find it hard to eat, the supplements provide your body with the nutrients it needs to prevent miscarriage and provide you with a healthier child when you do conceive.

Along with those benefits, supplements also:

  • Support your immune system and keep you out of the sick zone

  • Assist in detox

  • Help you manage stress (being sick can cause you to worry about conceiving--these solve that problem!)

  • Give you more energy and keep your spirits lifted. There’s nothing like great health to give you a positive outlook

And when you’re physically strong and capable, so is your mind.

Which means you are in your prime for manifesting!

Your mind is clear to make the right decisions for you, your health, and your pregnancy.

What could be better than that?

And remember...even if you think you don’t need supplements, the ones of the best quality (like what I sell here) will:

  • Save you the time of researching without the right criteria

  • Save you money from buying over-the-counter ones that aren’t right for your body

  • ...And significantly increase your chances of your body being in its prime ‘conceiving condition’!

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