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Amanda T.

Since starting my supplements and Total Fertility Wellness program, I have lost 10lbs and I am feeling great. This is the best I have felt in almost 2 years since my fertility journey began.

I had an unexpected event yesterday. I ordered my injectables for my medicated cycle coming up and stocked up on supplements! Then… I took another pregnancy test when I got home from work. POSITIVE!!!

I’ve only been doing the supplements for 2.5 months and the TFW protocols for 5 weeks after 3 losses and a failed IVF cycle. Praying this is the healthy embryo that brings us our rainbow baby!

— Amanda T., North Dakota

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TFW1Jodi Neufeld
D.W. - TFW testimonial

After nearly three years of trying to conceive, at 39 years old, I am overjoyed to say that I am pregnant after 2.5 cycles using Total Fertility Wellness and weekly acupuncture treatments with Heidi. Using Total Fertility Wellness left me feeling so empowered each day knowing that I was contributing to creating a healthy body for pregnancy.

The one thing that really helped each month when my period arrived was something that Heidi said – “While ultimately the goal is pregnancy, one of the stepping stones to get there is a healthy cycle, so if your period arrives, we can still find successes in the improvement of our cycle.” This took me off the emotional roller coaster and devastation I felt when my period arrived.

I am now using Heidi’s program, Total Pregnancy Wellness, and greatly enjoy the peace of mind and empowerment I experience by having additional acupressure videos to help support my pregnancy, as well as manage the discomforts!

I am so grateful for Heidi’s online acupressure programs and highly recommend them to anyone!

— D.W., San Diego, CA

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TFW1Jodi Neufeld