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I started Heidi’s acupressure program about 5 months ago. I faithfully did it twice a day. I bought it because I wanted to improve my uterine lining, my FSH levels and improve my cycle overall. My AMH was 4.4 and I was diagnosed with Diminished Ovarian Reserve.

After using Heidi’s program, my lining went from 4mm to 8mm, my FSH levels went down from 18 to 11. My period before lasted only one day with very light bleeding. After just 3 months using the program, I had a normal period. Her program is easy to follow and I love the convenience of it, that you can do it anytime you want at home.

Also I followed her dietary guidelines, took supplements and herbs and I am happy to report that I am pregnant. I also did a Male Fertility Protocol on my husband every day and his sperm motility went from 1% to 35% in just 4 months. Without Heidi’s program I wouldn’t be pregnant today. It took us 8 years to get pregnant, I had 3 failed IVFs and thanks to Heidi’s program I got pregnant naturally. The doctor told me that without an egg donor, I will never have a baby! Thank you Heidi for everything.

— Gabi T. Seattle, WA

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Marie - TFW

I am now pregnant after a successful transfer! My hcg levels are high! I am 38 years old. I had 2 consecutive miscarriages when trying to conceive naturally… I signed up shortly after my second miscarriage because I was feeling very helpless… Your sequences helped during each stage of treatment and helped prepare my body for the retrieval and transfer. Your acupressure videos are easy to do… The videos are short so they are not a big time investment.

I downloaded your pre and post transfer videos to my phone and did them right before and after my transfer at the clinic! This calmed my nerves and I felt empowered to be able to help with my transfer. What was most helpful to me (and still is) is it gave me an active role in my treatment. Instead of just waiting for the next stage/test/procedure, I was helping… I would like to add that you have been an incredible resource. I emailed you several times with questions when I first got the program and you were very patient and responsive. Thank you for creating it and sharing your knowledge with the world.

— Marie, Boston

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TFW2Jodi Neufeld