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Jennifer U - TFW

I started the TFW program in February of 2016 and have been doing it ever since. Benefits that I have seen are cycle regulation, decreased anxiety and stress, and the best of all benefits – pregnancy!

As an integrative medicine Physician Assistant working in a Women’s Health, I ALWAYS recommend acupuncture. Studies show it not only helps increase pregnancy rates, it helps with reducing stress and miscarriage. As someone who is starting her fertility journey and someone who gets weekly acupuncture sessions anyway, the TFW program was the perfect addendum to my acupuncture sessions.

The TFW program has made me feel that there is something in my power, in my hands literally that I can do that I know not only works, but is rooted in thousands of years of traditional Chinese Medicine. Many of us or already doing supplements, yoga, meditation, cleanses to enhance our fertility. To me the TFW program is perfect as a stand alone program or as an addendum to your fertility protocol.”

— Jennifer U., Alburquerque, NM

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