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Cindy Nelson - TFW

I am 38 weeks pregnant, with twins, and that was my goal! One of the hardest parts about carrying 2 is keeping them in there, and Michelle came highly recommended to me due to her phenomenal success in this department…so why not! She used to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse which added to my comfort because I was able to ask questions relating to my future C section. I have to believe she is solely the reason that I have reached my goal.

Michelle is professional, genuinely friendly and I would recommend her to anyone pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant.

— Cindy Nelson

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Jenae Garrett - TFW

I began working with Michelle in January of 2015 after experiencing two losses. I was seeking a proactive alternative to help my husband and I achieve the much desired outcome of a successful pregnancy. I had been to several OB-GYNs who provided basic care, but seemed apathetic to our concerns and couldn’t provide any explanations for our issue.

After my first meeting with Michelle, I knew I had finally found the right person to help us. Michelle is much more than an acupuncturist – she provided a ton of education and a proactive plan to help combat our pregnancy loss issues.

After a few lifestyle changes and regular sessions, I’m pleased to report that we’re expecting our first child in a few short weeks! Along with her expertise in acupuncture, Michelle also has a background as a Labor & Delivery nurse! She has been an invaluable partner in supporting a healthy pregnancy and has answered every silly ‘first-timer’ question – she’s truly the missing piece to well-rounded prenatal care.

— Jenae Garrett

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Shoshana Ganster - TFW

The first thing my husband and I noticed when we met Michelle was how positive she was about helping us. She reassured us that there was no reason why we couldn’t get pregnant, but it would take some work. We needed to “detox” my body to get all the hormones and medications out of my system, and most importantly get rid of the two ovarian cysts.

Michelle was extremely diligent about taking down all of my medical history. We went over all the medications and health issues that I have had over the years. I felt like Michelle was really focused on the big picture (getting me healthy), and not just about the pregnancy. When we left the office after our consultation, our faith had been restored that we could indeed, still get pregnant the natural way. We were feeling very optimistic once again!

I started seeing Michelle regularly and within a month or two my cysts were gone! She had me change my diet, added supplements into my daily routine, and set up appointments to see her on a regular basis. Michelle is very knowledgeable about her trade, and her confidence in what she does can only make you believe. She really cares about her patients and genuinely wants to help them.

It took a while to get my body back to a healthy state, and low and behold, we got pregnant! It was the best 40th birthday present I could have received. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and I have had a very healthy and easy pregnancy.

— Shoshana Ganster
(42 years old and currently pregnant with her 2nd baby!)

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