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Miriam H - TFW

After using the acupressure protocols 2x a day and keeping up with the program I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl! I began to look into Heidi’s programs to take more control over my situation on a day to day basis. I loved that Heidi’s program was organized around different phases of the cycle for relaxation, diet and support for the body & mind.

Heidi was always there to answer questions. I used the exercises and the pregnancy acupressure protocol throughout my pregnancy. I would recommend Heidi’s program to anyone – especially if you feel like you need added support and a sense of control. The program gave me confidence about building a good environment for the baby now growing in my belly. When I found out I was pregnant Heidi was one of the first people I told – I thank her & her program so much – it was worth every penny.

— Miriam H. Vancouver, B.C.

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Anonymous - TFW

I have been doing the acupressure videos each night since October. I have been doing the video according to where I am in my cycle. I have noticed great changes in my cycle. They are not nearly as painful as they used to be. I also look forward to the videos each night as they are a huge part of my self care routine. They are so relaxing and they feel so good! I feel more calm and able to flow through my cycle with greater ease.

I am very excited to continue with these videos and learn more from the program. My husband and I have been trying to become pregnant for five and a half years. We have tried many, many different treatments, programs, diets, and more. I feel like the acupressure videos have by far been the most helpful piece of our fertility journey. Thank you for teaching, sharing, and bringing hope to our lives.

— Anonymous

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Melissa Robledo Cortez - TFW

I am 44 years old and I wanted to let you know that I had a healthy baby girl on March 20th, 2015. I used your acupressure program videos on to Thicken Your Lining and to Support Early Pregnancy. Every month I had a period I would go back to your audio’s or videos to keep my mind positive. I really feel that your acupressure videos truly helped me become pregnant. I did go to fertility doctors in my area and it was usually never a positive experience. I plan to have another baby and I will continue to view all this information again on a daily basis. Thank you!

— Melissa Robledo Cortez, Salinas, CA

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Annemarie L. - TFW

The program made me feel not only like I had more control over my life with the struggles of infertility, where I felt there was so little control. It gave me a sense of accomplishment that I was doing something positive for my fertility, rather than focusing on the negative. It really helps you focus on a positive path with your fertility. It puts your mind in the right place, which is so important. It’s so easy to go down the wrong path when you’re trying to conceive.

— Annemarie L.

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