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I joined her program as sort of a last-ditch effort to try and do everything that I could to get pregnant, not necessarily believing it would work. Regardless of whether or not I was pregnant, I was in a much better place emotionally. Lo and behold, several months after I started her program, I became pregnant. Do I think this was the silver bullet?—no, of course not. I had a different doctor and used a different IVF protocol. That said, I really would like to emphasize that my mental state for the first several rounds of ART compared with the last IVF round that worked was completely different. That difference was owed in significant portion to working with Heidi, and I truly feel that working with her through acupuncture and her online program helped us to get to where we are today—a couple of months away from expecting our first baby boy.

— J.H., San Diego.

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