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I purchased the Acupressure for IVF/FET Transfer and Implantation video from Positively Fertile in April 2014. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for two years prior to that; naturally at first and then we went through two rounds of IUI, an IVF cycle using my fresh eggs and then an IVF cycle using my frozen eggs, all of which were unsuccessful.

Throughout my fertility journey, I have been practicing TCM with both herbs (on and off) and weekly acupuncture sessions so am well versed in the ancient practice of acupoint stimulation and was eager to try all means available to us for a final FET using the remaining 3 frozen embryos we had. I began using this video 3 times a day starting a few days before the transfer (on April 15th) including the day of the actual transfer and then continued for the 4 days afterward with the post-protocol. I am happy to share the news that I am now in my sixth week of pregnancy.

What I liked most about using the video was the feeling of control it gave me during a time when there is so much uncertainty. It empowered me in a very positive way because I knew that by adding it to my over-all get-pregnant ‘tool-kit’ (including things such as a healthy diet, appropriate vitamins and supplements, yoga, mediation and other stress-busting techniques) I was doing all I could to ensure a successful outcome and I found a great amount of peace and comfort from that. I would recommend this program to anyone going through an IVF/FET procedure or while trying to conceive naturally.

— A.K., Toronto, Ontario

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Having trouble conceiving has been a crazy experience that neither my husband nor I had expected. The relationship exercises strengthened us as a couple. I did the Emotional Wellness Workbook at night to calm my anxiety before bed. It released pent up emotions and focused my mind on how strong and healthy I’ve become.

— Jaime M.

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