Total Pregnancy Wellness 

A Self-Acupressure Program to Support a Healthy, Comfortable and Full-Term Pregnancy


Pregnancy is not a time for anxious waiting. It’s time to take positive action.

Congratulations on your beautiful pregnancy.

I know it’s taken a lot for you to get to this point, but the work doesn't stop when conception happens.

Instead of anxiously waiting out the next few months, and hoping for the best, now is the time to take positive action towards supporting your pregnancy.

There’s a technique you can use to help support and encourage a successful pregnancy.

It takes just a few minutes every day, you don’t need any special equipment or even an additional pair of hands, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

As you apply a gentle nurturing touch to acupressure points on your body, you can feel relaxed and empowered, knowing you’re giving yourself and your baby the best possible support during pregnancy.


I’m Heidi Brockmyre, M.S., L.AC. (Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and licensed acupuncturist), fertility coach, acupuncturist and speaker.

I’ve hosted online fertility conferences with best-selling fertility expert authors and world-renowned clinicians. I’ve also been a featured guest in several online fertility conferences and written for HuffPost, FertilityPlanit, the Infertility Voice and many more.

I know there is nothing more powerful than having the tools you need to take control of your health. I love teaching my clients how to use acupressure at home to improve their fertility success, and pregnancy outcomes and now I want to share my expertise with you.

Over the last 11 years, I have helped countless women grow their families.

I've found that my fertility clients who continue to use acupressure throughout pregnancy have less complications and healthier pregnancies and deliveries.

Chinese medicine (acupressure, moxa, acupuncture) offers solutions to problems that conventional Western medicine cannot, such as spotting, breech positioning, labor support, postpartum recovery and lactation production. The age-old wisdom of this medicine is embraced in Eastern culture, but we miss out on it here in the West.

I’ve developed Total Pregnancy Wellness to bring ancient Chinese medicine to women all over the world, in a format that’s easy to access, understand and implement.

Total Pregnancy Wellness is a program of acupressure protocols to follow throughout your pregnancy. Each protocol is demonstrated in a gently-paced, easy-to-understand video, that shows you how to locate and massage each pressure point yourself. There is a protocol video for each of the challenges my clients most commonly encounter.


Total Pregnancy Wellness™ is right for you if…

  • You got pregnant naturally, or through IUI, IVF or any assisted fertility treatment.

  • You have miscarried a previous pregnancy.

  • You’re 35+

  • You’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, or cysts.

Whatever your fertility history, Total Pregnancy Wellness can help you thrive throughout this pregnancy and beyond. Many of the acupressure protocols outlined will reduce the likelihood of having issues down the line like secondary infertility, thyroid and adrenal fatigue problems and depression.

The program includes 12 acupressure protocols to:

  • Support early pregnancy

  • Relieve morning sickness and heartburn

  • Relieve constipation

  • Soothe headaches

  • Boost your immune system

  • De-stress and sleep better

  • Relieve back pain

  • Stop spotting and bleeding

  • Maintain healthy blood pressure and fluid metabolism (helps with swollen feet and ankles)

  • Support repositioning of a breech baby

  • Prepare for a healthy labor and support during labor

  • Promote a healthy milk supply and recover from giving birth

PLUS this special bonus protocol-

  • Baby Wellness Acupressure and Massage

Plus bonuses:

  • 3 x Guided calming meditation visualizations - one for each trimester

  • Healthy pregnancy guide, containing essential do's and dont's

  • Recipe for nutritional and restorative postpartum recovery soup.


The are very limited safe options (both natural or through conventional medicine) to support women during pregnancy. Uncomfortable symptoms such as constipation, headaches and insomnia are considered to be part of the experience of pregnancy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the daily application of gentle yet powerful self-acupressure protocols women can be empowered to enjoy a comfortable and successful pregnancy.

And that’s what I want for you. With Total Pregnancy Wellness you will have support on hand during every stage of your pregnancy with protocols for the most common issues I've seen in my decade of clinical practice.

The program is divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters - each containing the protocols for the symptoms most commonly experienced in those trimesters.

“After using the acupressure protocols 2x / day and keeping up with the program...I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl! I began to look into Heidi’s programs to take more control over my situation on a day to day basis. Heidi was always there to answer questions. I used the the pregnancy acupressure protocol throughout my pregnancy. I would recommend Heidi’s program to anyone - especially if you feel like you need added support and a sense of control. The program gave me confidence about building a good environment for the baby now growing in my belly. I thank her & her program so much. It was worth every penny.”
- Miriam H., Vancouver, B.C.

Your investment:

one payment of $797


4 Monthly Payments of $247

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“I signed up for one of Heidi’s programs shortly after my second miscarriage because I was feeling very helpless. When I read that you had an acupressure sequence for pregnancy I felt that this is what I needed since it would help my body to stay pregnant. I remember thinking how invaluable it would be to have something I could do during my next pregnancy to help it continue. And here I am doing it! Your acupressure videos are easy to do. You thoroughly explain where the points are which makes them easy to find. Thank you for creating it and sharing your knowledge with the world.”
-Marie, Boston, MA

Total Pregnancy Wellness can help you:

  • Support your body during the first trimester to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

  • Reduce and even eliminate common, unpleasant pregnancy symptoms.

  • Experience greater relaxation and improved sleep.

  • Prepare for and experience a healthy labor.

  • Recover after delivery.

  • Prepare your body for future pregnancy.

The are very limited safe options (both natural or through conventional medicine) to support women during pregnancy. Uncomfortable symptoms such as constipation, headaches and insomnia are considered to be part of the experience of pregnancy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the daily application of gentle yet powerful self-acupressure protocols women can be empowered to enjoy a comfortable and successful pregnancy.

And that’s what I want for you. With Total Pregnancy Wellness you will have support on hand during every stage of your pregnancy with protocols for the most common issues I've seen in my decade of clinical practice.

“At 39 years old, after nearly three years of trying to conceive, I am overjoyed to say that I am pregnant after 2.5 cycles using Total Fertility Wellness and weekly acupuncture treatments with Heidi. I am now using Heidi’s program, Total Pregnancy Wellness and greatly enjoy the peace of mind and empowerment I experience by having additional acupressure videos to help support early pregnancy, as well as manage some of the discomforts of pregnancy.”
— D.W., San Diego, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee a successful pregnancy?

I wish. Nothing would make me happier.

However, I CAN guarantee you’ll be using effective tools to significantly improve your chances of success. I’ve see them work for so many of my patients.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

I want to make this as easy as possible for you to say YES to taking control of your pregnancy health with Total Pregnancy Wellness™.

I am so confident that this program will enhance improve your pregnancy well-being and give you peace of mind, that I am going to offer you a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If after using the program up until 7 days you feel that the program is not the right fit for you, we will refund your investment, no questions asked.


Can I do the Total Pregnancy Wellness program instead of getting acupuncture?

Absolutely. This program was designed to provide an effective solution if you cannot access acupuncture or are needle-phobic. I’ve had many TPW members say that they got better results with this program than with their acupuncture treatment (especially if their acupuncturist doesn’t specialize in pregnancy). However I encourage you to use this program in addition to continuing your regular acupuncture treatments. Used together, they compliment each other and you can get even better results.


I'm already getting acupuncture. Do I need this program?

Yes, this program will help you to make much faster progress in improving pregnancy health than acupuncture treatment alone. You can give yourself treatments every day with this program vs. just one treatment a week or less in an acupuncture clinic. This is everything you should be doing between your acupuncture treatments to make them more effective.


How is this program different from other acupressure programs?

As far as we know, there’s no other virtual acupressure program out there designed specifically to help women experience a healthier, more enjoyable pregnancy.

No other program provides both the therapeutic support of clinically proven acupressure protocols while teaching you how to take control of your pregnancy health, along with the emotional support needed to maintain your emotional and mental health along the way.


How long does it take for the protocols to work?

It depends on the protocol. Some of the protocols targeted at uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms can provide instant relief. For example nausea, headache, low back pain, constipation, and blood pressure problems can all be improved within a few minutes by simply applying the appropriate protocol. And besides achieving relief right away, by repeating the protocols consistently you can also experience lasting effects and address the underlying imbalances that are causing the uncomfortable symptoms.

The early pregnancy support protocol will build on itself to continue to strengthen the body in supporting the baby.

The breech baby protocol needs to be repeated for 10 days after the baby is flipped to secure it in place.


How many weeks/months is the program?

The program is designed to support you through all three trimesters of pregnancy, and beyond, into your postpartum recovery. You can begin to use the protocols now, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are currently at. And you will have access to the course materials for future pregnancies.


Can the videos be downloaded to my phone, tablet or computer?

Yes, after the 7-day refund period is over, you will be sent the link to access the video download page.


Do you sell the videos individually?

No, I don’t sell the videos individually. I offer this fully comprehensive program. That’s how I’ve found that acupressure to be most effective, by supporting the entire pregnancy and beyond, rather than tackling individual symptoms..


Can’t I just Google the acupressure points and then press them and get the same results?

Many people think that acupuncture and acupressure is just a few buttons on their body they can press with the help of Google. But there’s so much more to it than that!

The points work together like a symphony. While you can play one note at a time, it doesn’t mean it will sound beautiful, harmonious or make a hit single. The acupressure points in a specific sequence, pressed at certain times, is what makes an effective acupressure protocol. (Don’t worry, it’s very easy once you know how!)

The acupressure sequences I’ve designed here, combined with the meditations, exercises and other bonus resources, have been carefully tested and developed to provide you the greatest results possible.


I’m already doing so much, do I have time for this?

Total Pregnancy Wellness™ can be done anytime and anywhere in just 15 minutes per day, producing benefits that last all day and beyond. You can do the protocols on yourself, or you can involve your partner in the experience.


How much time does the acupressure take each day?

Each acupressure video is about 15-20 minutes long and I recommend you do at least one video per day and repeat that video 1-3 times during the day. However, if you are experiencing multiple pregnancy-related issues you may want to add additional videos.

In the first trimester you will need to do more. You should do the early pregnancy support protocol 1-3 times every day. If you have spotting, you should do that protocol 1-3 times day. If you are also having difficulty sleeping or have constipation you can add those protocols in once each day - but spread them apart.


Is the program safe?

Yes, this program is totally safe, even during the early stages of pregnancy.

When in my pregnancy can I start the program?

You can start at any time during your pregnancy. All the videos (with the exception of those designed to induce or support labor) are safe to use at any stage of pregnancy.


What happens after I’ve made my payment?

As soon as you’ve submitted your payment, you’ll get instant access to the entire program. But don’t worry. You won’t be overwhelmed with the wealth of information inside Total Pregnancy Wellness, because you’ll be walked through it one step at a time. From the payment screen you’ll be redirected to the membership site, where you will register and log in for the first time. The welcome page includes a video and next steps to show you exactly how to get started and make the most of the program content from day one.

Your investment:




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“I’m 16 weeks pregnant and everything is going great so far. Yay! Measuring right at what I expected! Thank you so, so much for everything the last year plus. I’ve learned so much about myself as a woman. Even more important, I’ve been able to really take charge of my health and fertility because of your care, guidance and empathy. You are such a rockstar!”
-JW, Spain