About Heidi



Hi There!

I’m Heidi Brockmyre, M.S. L.Ac, fertility expert & Acupuncturist


I teach women around the world how to renew their faith in their ability to conceive and get pregnant an easier, healthier and more affordable way by preparing the mind, body, and spirit for fertility and pregnancy. Through my revolutionary online program, Fertility Activation Method™, I’ve had the joy of empowering thousands of women with the tools and techniques of ancient traditional medicines to overcome fertility issues and grow their families.


My Credentials

I’m a graduate of one of the top accredited schools in the country for Chinese medicine. I earned a Master’s of Science in Chinese medicine by completing a rigorous 5-year program. I’m a California state board licensed doctor of Chinese medicine.

I have 10 years of clinical experience as a fertility specialist medical professional – mentored by 2 master fertility acupuncturists in my first 5 year years of practice seeing up to 30 patients per day.

I’ve completed hundreds of hours of continuing education units with a focus on fertility. I’ve shadowed for several hours 2 of the busiest reproductive endocrinologists here in San Diego in their clinic, one specializing in a minimal stim IVF technique, the other practicing a more conventional approach.

I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of women and couples become success stories by helping them to conceive their beautiful babies here in San Diego and around the world using Chinese medicine techniques. I’ve been a guest expert in countless fertility podcasts and online conventions. 

I’ve hosted my own Chinese Medicine for Fertility summit and interviewed close to 20 of the top holistic fertility experts/colleagues in the field. I’m was also asked by the owners of Ear Seeds to be the fertility expert that designs the Fertility Ear Seed kit.


My Journey

Fifteen years ago, I was teaching English in Korea and traveling through Asia and Central America, when I felt the ‘pull’ towards learning how to heal people naturally.

I followed my heart and it led me to studying martial arts, herbology, and traditional Mayan medicine from indigenous healers of Belize and then getting my Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.


I wanted to be someone who did good things for others.


So I trained to become a licensed acupuncturist. While I was in acupuncture school, I used Chinese medicine to enhance my own fertility and well-being, and fell pregnant with my son. Chinese medicine has remained an integral part of family life: supporting me during pregnancy, a natural birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding. And I’ve relied on it to keep my son healthy throughout his childhood.


The relationship I have with my son, and my personal experience of Chinese medicine, inspired me to specialize in helping women conceive beautiful, healthy babies.

In the early years of my business, I worked with hundreds of women in my San Diego clinic, but I wanted to help more.

I developed an online program, Fertility Activation Method™, that’s helped women all over the world take action every day, in their own home, to empower themselves and play an active role in their health care regimen.


I feel hugely blessed to run a business doing the work I love, using powerful ancient healing techniques to help my clients with their modern day problems.