about Total Fertility Wellness

Ancient Fertility Wisdom Delivered
Around The World Via Modern Technology

Over the last 11 years I’ve helped countless women improve their fertility in my clinic as an Acupuncturist. Working with this ancient system, I slowly customized and modernized my treatment for all women.

To help my clients improve their chances of fertility success, I sent them home with acupressure techniques they could do on a daily basis, as well as: meditations, journaling exercises, health and lifestyle coaching tools and Chinese-style yoga.

Total Fertility Wellness™ is the result of 5 years of rigorous study and 6 years of real world testing and refining acupressure and meditation techniques for pregnancy success.

After years of helping hundreds of women successfully get pregnant, I have combined the very best of all of my previous programs–the stuff that they raved about most, and went back to again and again–and put it all into Total Fertility Wellness™.

Total Fertility Wellness™ is based on a collection of powerful acupressure protocols. Each protocol is a sequence of acupressure point stimulations that evoke energy changes within your body. The protocols have specific goals, and are used at different times within your cycle.