Welcome to the Heidi Brockmyre Affiliate Page

Welcome to Heidi As you can see from our website, we specialize in holistic Chinese-medicine based fertility and pregnancy support . We have amazing online programs for supporting women and couples in growing their families and having healthy babies.

If your business, website or media outlet is aligned with the value that Chinese medicine is a way of making the dreams of parenthood come true, we invite you to join us as an affiliate for our available fertility programs.

For more information, please read through this page in its entirety and watch the informative videos.  

Benefits of being an affiliate:

  • Earn easy passive income ($50 – $500 per sale)

  • Compliments your current services or message

  • Helps your fertility clients/patients get better results faster

  • Provides patient/client education, compliance and stress management

  • We provide promotional materials for you to send to your community through email, social media posts, website graphics in various sizes and other promotional methods. You insert your unique affiliate link in the promotional copy. (Our system even does this for you)

  • We will email you when a new product launches or when we are on a launch timeline. This will allow you to maximize your revenue and schedule it into your media plan for specific dates. 

  • Payments are made every 30 days following the close of the program cart. We will inform you via email with notifications. 




About Our Current Programs 


  • Empowered Fertility Tracking

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of my courses listed in this section!

A course teaching women how to track their cycle and overall health by monitoring signs and symptoms based on Chinese medicine, as well as Basal Body Temperature charts. A great introductory course on how Chinese medicine understands fertility and the most common infertility imbalances.
Learn more here

  • Total Fertility Wellness

A complete system of at-home Chinese medicine tools primarily focused on self-acupressure protocols to be used throughout each phase of the menstrual cycle and/or fertility treatment. Includes self-acupressure, moxa, qigong, meditations and nutrition.
Learn more here.

  • Total Pregnancy Wellness

A self-acupressure program with a variety of instructional self-acupressure videos to support each trimester of pregnancy and the most common complaints, along with labor preparation and support, postpartum and lactation support and a baby massage.
Learn more here.


How to Use the Samcart Affiliate Dashboard

We understand new things can be confusing and we want our affiliate program to be as easy and as profitable for you as it can be.

We provide you with social media and website graphics, copy and paste content for emails and more. All of this is available in your very own affiliate dashboard.

Below are some training videos on where to find all the information and graphics we have to make you a very successful affiliate.

We are changing the world one happy parent at a time!