all about the course


All about the Freedom and Legacy Foundation package:


In this 4 week course, you will learn how to use tools which will help your business grow in a way which gives you Freedom to do the things you enjoy while setting the foundation to building your Legacy.  Each week you’ll receive a new training module. The module will take approximately two hours to work through, and is broken down into easy-to-follow videos and workbooks. All the materials are available online, so you can access them whenever it’s convenient for you.

As you progress through the modules you’ll develop a plan to achieve the impact, business and lifestyle you’re dreaming of.


Module 1  – Laying The Foundations

  • Your  Mindset – A successful business begins with a successful mindset, so that’s what we’re working on first.

  • Your Inspiration – We’ll get back to your ‘why’ which will be your driving inspiration as you build your business.

  • Discovering Your Business Model – We’ll explore the most effective way for you to leverage your time so you can make more money in fewer hours.

  • Plus – How I bootstrapped my business and doubled my income by launching a new program online.


Module 2 – Building Your Audience

I’ll show you how to rapidly grow your following with effective free or cheap marketing including:

  • Gathering leads, managing and converting leads

  • Creating a free opt-in gift

  • Building and nurturing your email list

  • Networking in-person and online

  • Hosting live events like summits and webinars


Module 3 – Creating Your Offering

Everything you need to know to develop a compelling offer your audience wants to buy, including how to:

  • Design and launch your service, digital product or course

  • Design an e-course

  • Design a consulting program

  • Sell digital products, physical products and affiliate products

  • How to plan and market the launch of your offering.


Module 4 – The Supporting Cast

Magnificent as you are, you won’t be able to achieve this success on your own. In this module I help you find the right support (tools and people) to grow you business, including:

  • The technology to get you started

  • How to hire new team members

  • The help you need to achieve consistent, targeted branding

  • The essential resources to run your business the right way from the start


Plus the support and guidance you need to start implementing what you learn immediately with the help of:


Action Plans

You will be given actionable worksheets with each module so that you can immediately apply and take action on what you’ve learned each class.


Facebook Group

You can join my Freedom and Legacy VIP Facebook Group so that you can ask me and each other questions, get ideas, and get inspiration!