Balance & Restore

Heidi Brockmyre, Fertility Acupuncturist presents…

Balance & Restore Your Fertility

A 7-Day Quickstart Acupressure Online Course

Acupressure is applying pressure with your fingers to specific trigger points on your body which improves circulation to balance your whole health and fertility.

in this course, you’ll learn:



  • How to identify areas of imbalance by tracking your physical and emotional symptoms!

  • A daily practice of 7 powerful acupressure points you can use to balance and restore your health and fertility – taught through easy-to-follow videos!

  • Positive affirmations and nutritional tips to support your fertility and magnify the benefits of each point!

All the points are safe to use any time in your cycle, fertility treatment and/or if pregnant.

These points also balance and restore male fertility so you and your partner can do them together!


“I had been diagnosed with PCOS, and started performing Heidi’s acupressure three times daily at home. Along with changing my diet and sleep patterns, I was able to conceive at the age of 38, just two months after meeting Heidi! 

Anyone who is looking to get pregnant, should try Heidi’s program! I’m now going to use it again as we try for our second child.”

– Amy, San Diego, USA


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“Heidi, what you do every day to help women is amazing! With our health insurance allotment dwindling, and expenses rising, we knew this would be our last time.

I signed up for your program and did the acupressure videos religiously everyday. I’m now 32 weeks pregnant!”

– Deven, NJ, USA