Heidi Brockmyre, Fertility Acupuncturist presents…


A Quickstart Acupressure Online Course

Step-by-step daily actions you can take to support significant improvements in your fertility and wellbeing for healthy conception. These are clinically proven techniques designed by a healthcare professional with 10+ years of experience.


✅ A daily practice of 7 powerful acupressure points you can use to balance and restore your health and fertility – taught through easy-to-follow instructional videos!

✅ Tools to identify areas of imbalance by tracking your physical and emotional symptoms!

Positive affirmations and nutritional tips to support your fertility and magnify the benefits of each point!

My 4-Step Dietary Plan

My 30-Minute Zen Fertility Yoga Exercise

✅ Home and Body Product Fertility Detox Guide

Egg Quality Boost Acupressure Protocol

All the points and exercises are safe to use any time in your cycle, fertility treatment and/or once pregnant.

These points also balance and restore male fertility so you and your partner can do them together!

“I was diagnosed with PCOS, and started using Heidi’s acupressure three times daily at home. Along with changing my diet and sleep patterns, I was able to conceive at the age of 38, just two months after meeting Heidi!

Anyone who is looking to get pregnant, should try Heidi’s program! I’m now going to use it again as we try for our second child.”



“Heidi, what you do every day to help women is amazing! With our health insurance allotment dwindling, and expenses rising, we knew this would be our last time.

I signed up for your program and did the acupressure videos religiously everyday. I’m now 32 weeks pregnant!”


“Thank you, Heidi — these points are magical! I often struggle with cold hands and feet. I felt a lot of warmth in my hands and arms after massaging these areas and the warmth went to my body. It felt great!”


“I can’t say thank you enough for helping me to learn to balance my hormones so that one day I will carry my child that is already in my heart. I could feel tingling in my body and felt a huge sense of relief when I did the points today. ”


“I am feeling great from doing these points! I’ve had a huge amount of emotional stress over the past 18 months. Since doing these pressure points, I have more energy, am sleeping better and can handle the overall stress so much better. Thank you!! ”


“This sequence is AMAZING! I dedicate 5 minutes to each point and I swear I feel more energized afterwards. My brain fog and fatigue seemed way less at work today. I’m definitely making a commitment to myself every day to these points. Thank you so much, Heidi!”


“I’m having my husband do these points with me each day. We’ve both been sleeping better. I’m less anxious too. Thank you! ”


Who Am I?

I earned a Master’s of Science in Chinese medicine at one of the top accredited schools in the country. 

I’m a California State Board Licensed Doctor of Chinese medicine. I have 10 years of clinical experience as a fertility specialist medical professional – mentored by 2 master fertility acupuncturists in my first 5 year years of practice seeing up to 30 patients per day.

I’ve completed hundreds of hours of continuing education units with a focus on fertility. I’ve shadowed 2 of the most successful reproductive endocrinologists here in San Diego, one specializing in a minimal stim IVF technique, the other practicing a more conventional approach. 

I’ve helped thousands of women and couples become success stories by helping them to conceive their beautiful babies here in San Diego and around the world using the techniques I teach in the Fertility Activation Method™ program. I’ve been a guest expert in countless fertility podcasts and online conventions. 

I’ve hosted my own Chinese Medicine for Fertility summit and interviewed close to 20 of the top holistic fertility experts/colleagues in the field. I’m was also asked by the owners of Ear Seeds to be the fertility expert that designs the Fertility Ear Seed kit.