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Heidi Brockmyre, Fertility Acupuncturist presents…

Balance & Restore Your Fertility

A 7-Day Quickstart Acupressure Online Course

During this course, you’ll learn:

  • 7 powerful acupressure points (one for each day) to balance and restore your health and fertility taught through easy-to-follow instructional videos.
  • How the points balance your physical, mental and emotional health
  • Daily positive affirmations to use with each point
  • Nutritional tips to support your body

This course is currently CLOSED.

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“I’m 16 weeks pregnant and everything is going great so far. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and heard the heartbeat. Yay! Measuring right at what I expected!”

Thank you so, so much for everything, Heidi! I’ve learned so much about myself as a woman. Even more important, I’ve been able to really take charge of my health and fertility because of your care, guidance and empathy. You are such a rockstar!” -JW, Spain

*All the points are safe to use any time in your cycle, fertility treatment and/or if pregnant.

*These points also balance and restore male fertility so you and your partner can do them together.