Balance & Restore Webinar



What Your Cycle Is Telling You About Your Fertility

with Heidi Brockmyre, M.S., L.Ac., Fertility Expert and Acupuncturist

Sunday August 20th at 10am LA / 1pm NYC / 6pm UK


iN this free live class, you’ll learn:

  • The essential guidelines of a healthy cycle and period.

  • What the common cycle and period problems mean for your fertility!

  • How the health of your cycle affects assisted conception (IVF, FET, IUI) as well as natural conception!

  • How to track your progress so you know you’re on the path to pregnancy success!

  • Solutions to improve your cycle and be ready for a lasting healthy pregnancy and baby!

PLUS! Live Fertility Q&A session with Heidi Brockmyre!


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“I had been diagnosed with PCOS, and started performing Heidi’s acupressure three times daily at home. Along with changing my diet and sleep patterns, I was able to conceive at the age of 38, just two months after meeting Heidi! 

Anyone who is looking to get pregnant, should try Heidi’s program! I’m now going to use it again as we try for our second child.”

– Amy, San Diego, USA