How to Survive the Two Week Wait

Getting through the two week wait can drive a woman mad!  You try to stay positive and relaxed so that you’re supporting implantation and welcoming a little soul into your womb. Yet you’re terrified and dreading being let down again.  And with the disappointment comes a sense of hopelessness and despair.  Or frustration that you have to start all over again, monitoring your cycle, planning sex and so forth. 

You’re stuck in an uncomfortable limbo teetering between two very different realities. One is joyous. One is disappointing. 

But the truth is, even if the outcome is what you hope it will be, you’ll move on to a new stage of uncertainty and anxiety. And then another. And another. 

And this is what makes trying to conceive such a personal growth journey. You are tested in ways that most aren’t. You’re trained to stay in the present moment.  To stay centered and grounded through wave after wave of colorful of emotions. 

Listening to this message in this video and repeating the mantras at the end may help you navigate the rough waters of the two week wait with your sanity and heart in tact. 

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