How can you help implantation and get pregnant with tube socks, chai tea and carved stones?

Whether you’re doing an IVF, FET cycle or trying to get pregnant naturally, implantation is the most crucial step in the process.

Instead of standing by idly waiting for a fertilized embryo to implant, you probably want to know, “How can I help implantation?”

6 ways you can help implantation to get pregnant naturally or have a successful embryo transfer:

1.) Increase your uterine lining

To best support the entire process of conception, it’s important to build a healthy uterine lining first. With a thicker uterine lining and excellent blood flow, an embryo is more likely to attach.

This takes preparation. Eating healthy nourishing foods, getting enough rest, acupuncture and at-home pressure point activation to increase your lining can effectively help to build your healthy lining. (You can read my post How to Increase your lining in 48 Hours or Less here.)

2.) Eat nourishing soups and stews

When it comes time for your little embryo/future child to implant, there are things you can do to facilitate the process. Again, the importance of rest and nourishing foods cannot go underestimated.

Soups and stews, like the one I share in this post, are warming and nourishing, two qualities that a little embryo loves. If you were a little embryo, wouldn’t you want to nestle into a warm nook full of goodness?

3.) Drink Tea

Teas are also an excellent way to warm you up.  I recommend ginger tea, peppermint tea, and teas that aid digestion. Organic decaffeinated chai tea is a delicious choice.

Internal warmth is important for proper blood circulation and to stimulate the release of progesterone, the hormone that supports implantation and the continuous thickening of your lining after implantation occurs.

4.) Keep your feet warm

So keep yourself warm, especially your little footsies! Wear cozy fuzzy socks and avoid flip flops. Don’t walk around your house in bare feet. Pressure point meridians that circulate to the reproductive organs begin in the feet.

In fact, women are 30% more likely to orgasm when wearing socks. (I recommend cute knee high striped tube socks for the ” sexy school girl” look rather than ankle high black socks reminiscent of the “old man” look. 😉

5.) Practice the right kind of exercise

Avoid high impact exercise like running and straining activities like weight lifting. The impact causes a down-bearing force on the uterus, which can affect it’s alignment and make the uterine walls weaker.

In Chinese medicine, it’s important to create a lifting energy in the uterus to retain the embryo.  Brisk walks and yoga are a great substitute.

To learn what exercises are safe during when trying to conceive, check out my post on the subject by clicking here.

6.) Do fertile pressure point therapy at home 

Fertile pressure point therapy, like the protocols I teach in my online program, Fertility Activation Method™ has been proven in studies to increase implantation by at least 20%, as well as increase live birth rates. (Check those studies out here and here.)

What you may not realize is that you can activate these same pressure points at home to help implantation.

Fertile pressure point therapy is applying pressure with your fingers to specific trigger points on your body which improves circulation to balance your whole health and fertility.

15 minutes a day makes a huge difference.

There’s so much more to Chinese medicine than acupuncture. Many Chinese medicine principles can be applied at home in your daily life to balance your health and increase fertility. I am passionate about teaching these tools to you. This is my mission and I’m required to report back to the mothership with my updated progress.

When the Chinese first discovered the pressure point meridians and used point stimulation as a medicine, they didn’t have stainless steel needles. They carved rocks into arrowhead shapes and stimulated the points with them. 

The pressure points can be activated with your fingers, stones, needles, magnets, lasers and with focused intention. You can send messages to your body by stimulating specific pressure points.

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