Is your job killing your fertility?

How stressed do you get throughout your work day?  Are you guilty of typing away for hours as your eyes cross from staring at the screen.  Do you feel overwhelmed by a sense of doom that you will never get everything done?   

That sounds miserable!  I’ll admit I’m sometimes guilty of it, too.  And when I am, I feel it. My back is sore. I’m cranky. My joints are stiff.  So that’s when I remind myself that I must take breaks.  A quick breather is often all it takes to gain perspective, feel centered, and stay healthy despite needing to work.  You’ll also return to work all the more productive.

Living in prolonged periods of stress blocks the release of reproductive hormones.  By taking a couple minutes here and there to de-stress during your day increases fertility.

Do it now!  This video is 2 minutes long and will rescue you from a state of stress. 

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