Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

How acupressure really works for pregnancy success. (Hint: You can’t google it.)

These days you can instantly access a wealth of information thanks to YouTube and Google. But there are some things Dr. Google just can’t teach you.

Acupressure is one of them.  

You CAN Google the “benefits of acupressure for fertility” (like this article here). You can also search for studies proving that certain acupuncture points increase implantation by at least 20%, as well as increase live birth rates after an IVF transfer (like these studies here and here). Or search for studies proving that acupuncture points increase the uterine lining (like this study here.)

But you can’t Google HOW to do it.

Acupressure may seem simple enough. You push on a point and it produces a response, right?

Yes and no.

The beauty of acupressure is that it IS so simple. Stimulating acupoints can trigger profound biological responses.

The art of acupressure is in the details behind a carefully designed acupressure sequence.

Sure, you can Google “acupressure for headaches” and watch a video showing you how to press the point “hegu” located in the web between your thumb and first finger. And yes, you may get impressive results after giving it a go. And that’s really cool to discover! I mean, who needs aspirin, right?

But what if you want those annoying headaches to go away permanently? Is your headache a cause of digestive issues, rising heat in your body, stress or fatigue? Is your headache located in the back of your head or your forehead?

There are different acupoints for different locations and causes of headaches. Not only are  various individual points chosen based on these details, but also a different combination of points are applied. In fact, even the order in which you stimulate each point influences the overall therapeutic effect.  

The better designed the acupressure sequence, the better the results.

The same goes for improving your fertility for pregnancy success. Several acupoint meridians circulate to your ovaries and uterus. They each have their own important purpose.

For instance, the Liver meridian oversees the distribution of qi and blood to your ovaries and uterus. The Liver meridian therefore regulates hormonal communication and the rhythm of your menstrual cycle.

Specific points on the Liver meridian influence the separate functions of the Liver meridian. As an example, one point more heavily stimulates blood distribution while another better regulates hormones.

When designing an acupoint sequence, I refer to what I’ve learned from years of education, my thriving fertility acupuncture practice in which I’ve helped hundreds of women conceive, and by continuing to research and study.  

In other words, a ton of experience goes behind a powerful sequence. I don’t just randomly throw a bunch of points together!

How I Design an Effective Acupressure Sequence

As I take you through the acupoint sequence design process, I’ll refer to an example protocol goal.

Example: Increase the thickness and health of your uterine lining

Remember, a thick and healthy uterine lining with sufficient blood flow is necessary for a fertilized embryo to implant thrive.

Step 1: Determine what is needed to support the goal

When I want to accomplish a specific goal with acupressure, such as increasing the thickness and health of your uterine lining, first I consider all the factors that will support this goal:

  • Improving digestion for efficient use of nutrients

  • Increasing blood circulation to the ovaries and uterus

  • Strengthening the body’s qi to build more blood cells

  • Regulating hormones to coordinate lining growth with your cycle

Step 2: Choose corresponding acupoint meridians

Next I consider which acupoint meridians will be most effective in supporting the goal.

  • Spleen and Stomach meridians support digestion

  • Spleen, Liver, Large Intestine, Ren, Chong and Kidney meridians increase blood circulation to the ovaries and uterus

  • Points to improve digestion

  • Points for blood circulation

  • Points to build qi

  • Points for hormone regulation

As I follow the acupoint treatment design process, I consider how the points communicate to each other to send the clearest message to your body. I’m letting the body know, “Hey, I’m trying to build a healthy thick uterine lining. Can we make this happen?”

Step 4: Choose the order of points

The order in which you stimulate each point also influences the therapeutic effect and the message you’re relaying with point stimulation.

Although Traditional Chinese medical texts provide guidelines to follow, there aren’t concrete rules. This is where the art of acupoint stimulation comes into play.

When determining the order, these are just a few of the energetic differences I keep in mind:

  • Flow of meridians away from or towards the reproductive organs

  • Starting from top to bottom

  • Points on your limbs versus your torso (out vs. in)

  • Back of the body vs. front of the body

  • Yin vs. yang meridians

So now you get why Dr. Google can’t offer an expertly designed acupressure sequence!        

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