Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

Has Clomid or Birth Control Killed Your Fertility?

Women certainly don’t have it easy. We spend years stressing out about NOT getting pregnant, and when we finally want to get pregnant, we may find ourselves having difficulties conceiving.

Oh, the irony! 

If you used hormonal birth control during all those years you were avoiding pregnancy, you may find your fertility is now suffering. And if that’s the case, your doctor may have prescribed Clomid to try to remedy the situation, but Clomid is not working.

I’m a huge believer in supporting the body naturally before resorting to medication or in addition to medication, especially when it comes to balancing hormones.

Years of birth control can practically shut down your body’s ability to regulate its own cycle.

Masking the problem with Clomid and trying to force the body into fertility often just makes matters worse.

Every woman’s body is different. Some come off the pill after 10 years and within just a few months their cycle picks up right where it left off before being on the pill. While other women find their cycle is totally thrown off, and that’s IF they’re even getting a cycle.

What many women and most doctors don’t realize is that there are very effective natural methods to regulate the cycle with Chinese medicine tools like acupressure and acupuncture.

Most women don’t realize how important it is to regulate your cycle and create a healthy uterine environment BEFORE forcing your body into being fertile.

If you ARE using Clomid or came off the pill, acupressure can help to establish a healthy lining and uterine environment.  

Have years of birth control use affected your fertility?  

Just because you’re off the pill, doesn’t mean the synthetic hormones are completely out of your system. And since your natural hormones have been suppressed for years, it may take time and additional support to get them back into a groove.

Are you experiencing:

  • Delayed Ovulation

Some pills work by preventing ovulation. After stopping the pill, your eggs may not be fully maturing while your hormones still aren’t able to support the ovulation process.

  • Thin Uterine Lining

Some pills also work by thinning the uterine lining so that a fertilized embryo can’t implant. Since your body isn’t in the habit of nourishing a healthy lining, it may stay too thin well after you’ve been off the pill.

  • Irregular, Skipped or No Period

This may also be a result of not ovulating and a thin lining. Your hormones are still out of whack.

  • Thick or No Cervical Mucus

The pill also works by drying up or changing the consistency of your fertile cervical mucus, thereby making it pretty darn tough for sperm to survive.

Has Clomid adversely affected your fertility?

Because Clomid is anti-estrogenic (estrogen is the hormone that helps build a plush uterine lining and produces fertile cervical mucus), a fertilized embryo will either have trouble implanting or won’t thrive because of the inadequate blood flow. 

Clomid causes:

  • Thinning of the uterine lining

  • Reduced fertile cervical mucus

How do you create a healthy uterine environment with Chinese medicine?

Whether from Clomid or birth control use, if you’re skipping periods, experiencing delayed ovulation, have a thin lining and/or light periods, we consider these signs of Blood Deficiency and lack of smooth blood and qi flow.

The pattern of Blood Deficiency in Chinese medical terms means the blood may be lacking in quantity and/or is lacking in nutrients based on observing specific signs and symptoms rather than diagnostic testing.

What can you do at home to offset the effects of Clomid and birth control use?

To build a healthy lining and uterine environment at home, self-acupressure helps to reestablish blood flow to the uterus, regulate the hormones and build up blood quantity and quality.

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