Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

How Acupoints Improve Fertility + One Point to Open Your Heart and Womb



I love teaching you about the beauty and power of the acupoints of your body.  It’s so fascinating that you can stimulate points on your body and elicit a healing response for your body and mind. As Westerners, we’re really missing out on this ancient knowledge, which is why it’s my passion to teach you how to unlock the magic of your own body’s energetic system.

To give you an general understanding of how acupuncture meridians work; There are several acupuncture channels that circulate blood, energy, and oxygen throughout the body like rivers. Sometimes the energy and blood gets backed up and imbalance occurs. You may have damage, disease, or pain where there is a back up and you may have a lack of nutrients and energy in areas where the flow is blocked.  

The acupuncture points of the body send electrical signals to the brain.  By stimulating specific points, energy, blood and oxygen are guided to specific areas of the body.  Some of the points are more yin in nature and they send the message to the body to make more fluids and new cells.  Other points are more yang in nature and send the message to improve cellular functions, move fluids, energy and cells.  

By stimulating specific acupoints, whether by acupuncture, acupressure or by putting acumagnets on the body, you can send specific messages to the body and help bring your reproductive system into balance.

Stimulating Yintang for Fertility 

I’d like to teach you about one of my favorite points, Yintang. I use this point on nearly every patient in my clinic. It’s located at the midpoint between your eyebrows. This area is also known as the third eye.

Yintang translates to “Hall of Impression”.  This refers to our intuition, the bridge between understanding the impression of the your outer world through the higher wisdom of your inner world.

While we are all innately intuitive beings, you may not always trust or listen to your intuition.  On your fertility journey, you’re faced with so many decisions; medical intervention or all-natural conception, which supplements to take, which doctor to see, how to finance the costs, and on and on.

The overwhelming amount of information and decisions can make your mind spin, making it harder to trust your intuition. The more in tune with your intuition you are, the easier you’ll be able to navigate your fertility path.

While this point is beneficial for most everyone because of it’s calming and balancing effect on the nervous system, I especially like to stimulate it with fertility patients for its soothing effect on the heart.

In Chinese medicine, there is an energetic pathway connecting the heart to the uterus. When you’re stressed out or feeling despair from ongoing disappointments on your fertility journey, it’s easy for your heart to become energetically “blocked”, so to speak. When you’re hurt, you may close off your heart as a way to protect yourself. You tense up, making it harder for blood, oxygen and life-giving qi to reach your heart.

Likewise, the love and light of the heart that feeds into the uterus, making it a warm and welcoming home, may be cinched off. A mother’s love emanating from her heart is the foundation for the miracle of life to take root within her womb.

The point, Yintang, opens the heart energetically and soothes your spirit.

As a bonus, it opens up your sinuses, relieves headaches, and promotes better sleep.

So why not take a moment right now to stimulate this point?  Simply take your thumb or pointer finger and stimulate the area between your eyebrows by pressing down gently in a circular motion.  Stimulate the point for 30-60 seconds.

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