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How to Increase Your Fertility in 5 Minutes with Ear Acupressure

How to Increase Fertility in 5 Minutes

1.) Follow along with the 1-minute video below that shows you how to do ear acupressure.

Ear acupressure calms your nervous system, making it easier to release old repressed traumas from the physical body.

The ear is shaped like an upside-down fetus. Points on the ear represent your entire body, including organ systems, your spine, and your reproductive organs. By stimulating these points, you can affect the entire body and calm the nervous system.

2.) After you’ve done the ear acupressure, close your eyes.

Relax. Focus on your breath. Let go of thoughts. Bring your attention to the space around your heart. Listen to what it’s telling you and how it feels. Tell your heart you hear and understand it. Imagine a healing loving light flowing between your heart and your womb warming them both.

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