Do you feel like less of a woman?

Many women have expressed to me that they feel like they’re failing as a woman because they haven’t conceived yet.

I understand these feelings. After all, as girls we were taught growing up that mothering is a woman’s role. We pretended to feed our dolls and rock them to sleep. My best friend and I envisioned our future as having children and getting married at 20 years old. That was what it meant to be a grown up woman in our eyes.

Undoubtedly, it’s not just how we were conditioned. Many of us instinctively feel the need to procreate.

Regardless of whether it’s nurture or nature that drives you, your identity as a woman may feel crushed if you haven’t yet conceived.

First, let me reassure you woman to woman that you are absolutely NO less of woman for not being a mother. Plenty of amazing women do not have kids.

Would you consider Mother Theresa any less of a mother because she didn’t have her own biological children? Do you think Oprah is less of a woman because she doesn’t have kids?

You certainly don’t need to be as accomplished as Mother Theresa and Oprah to earn your worth as a woman. You’re enough for simply being you in all your feminine glory, however it manifests itself.

I challenge you to appreciate your unique expression as a woman. Maybe it’s in being creative, nurturing others, showcasing beauty, enjoying physical activity or all of the above.

You deserve to enjoy your womanhood in this moment independent of whether you’ve yet become a mother or ever will by choice or otherwise. 

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