What do menstrual clots mean for your fertility?

What do clots and flow color mean?

Clots and dark colored flow (purplish, blackish, dark red) are signs of blood stasis. That means the blood is not flowing to and from an area as smoothly as it could be. Old blood gets stuck and coagulates into clots.

It’s normal to have a few small clots with your period, especially if you’ve been sitting for a while. (By small, I mean pea-sized or less than the size of a dime.) But if you have several and/or large clots, you’re likely to have more significant blood stasis. You may also have heavier flow which tends to pool and turn into clots.

While it’s also normal to see some small amounts of darker blood and possibly brownish towards the end of your cycle, ideally the majority of your flow is a bright healthy red color without clots or very few.

Healthy Flow. Healthy Fertility.

When your blood isn’t flowing as smoothly as it could be to and from your uterus, your uterine lining may not be healthy enough to support implantation and a growing embryo.

Fresh healthy blood cells infuse your reproductive organs with life giving oxygen and nutrients and deliver reproductive hormones. Old dead blood cells need to swept away to make room for the new so they don’t cause blockages.

This not only goes for the uterus, but also for your ovaries. The better blood flow to your ovaries, the better quality your eggs will be as they mature. Blocked ovaries may prevent an egg from releasing. Blocked tubes can obviously prevent fertilization.

Other signs of blood stasis

Some other signs of blood stasis in your reproductive organs are: moderate to severe cramping, and spotting before the onset of your period (especially if it’s a dark or brownish color or with clots). Cramping and spotting can mean other things, as well. But if you also see clots and have dark flow, it’s likely that blood stasis may be the main culprit.


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