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4 Tips to Stop Spotting when Pregnant

If you seeing spotting during your pregnancy, you may feel very worried that you’re miscarrying. Make sure you let your doctor know that you’re spotting.

But before you freak out, know that spotting can be completely normal and may not be a sign that you are miscarrying. Besides calling your doctor, what can you do?

  1. Do the self-acupressure point I teach to help support pregnancy. You can sign up to get it free in the video or by signing up for the Free Fertility Resource Library.

  2. Be sure to rest. Spotting is often caused by stress and doing too much.

  3. Drink plenty of water. But make sure you drink room temperature or warm water. Dehydration can cause more cramping and spotting during pregnancy.

  4. Keep your feet, belly and low back warm. From a Chinese medicine perspective, spotting can be caused by cold entering the uterus.

  5. Support your digestion. Eat nutritious warm foods that are easy to digest like soups and stews. Cold, raw foods can be difficult on the digestive system and weaken the body’s energy. This will weaken the energy that is also keeping the baby attached to the uterine wall and nurturing the baby’s growth. Be sure to see your fertility acupuncturist regularly to support a healthy pregnancy.

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