Natural Infertility Treatment to Shrink Fibroids and Polyps

Fibroids and polyps can possibly interfere with successful implantation of your fertilized embryo. They can also cause excessive bleeding and possible discomfort. So what can you do to prevent or treat fibroids?

Obviously you first want to consult your doctor and discuss whether surgery to have them removed is necessary. Even if you do have surgery, you’ll still want to take precautions to prevent them from growing back.

Because they’re often caused by excessive estrogen in the system, eat foods that help to eliminate excess estrogen from your system and avoid toxins that have xenoestrogens. Be sure to eat organic.

Some great foods that are:

Carrots – eat 1 raw organic carrot/day. The fiber in carrots binds to estrogen to remove it from the body.  

Lemons, fruits/apples, and cooked cruciferous vegetables – also high in fiber and help to eliminate toxic estrogen.

If you’re overweight, prioritize losing weight by following a healthy weight loss plan. Estrogen is stored in fat cells which causes hormonal imbalance that encourages the growth of fibroids.

Do regular castor oil packs over the liver and uterus to increase circulation to your uterus and helps detox the liver and uterus. It may also help to soften and break down the fibroids. You can watch my Castor Oil Pack Video for detailed instructions.

Chinese medicine is excellent for shrinking fibroids and preventing re-growth. At home, you can do fertility self-acupressure. Acupressure, or fertile pressure point therapy, like the protocols I teach in my online program, Fertility Activation Method™ improves hormone balance, helps detox the liver and increases circulation to your reproductive organs.

When you go to a fertility specialist acupuncturist in your area, they can prescribe Chinese herbs and give you acupuncture to resolve your fibroids.

In support, Heidi

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