Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

Relieve Endometriosis and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Endometriosis can be without symptoms or extremely painful. Either way, it can impair your ability to conceive.

In this video, I cover these important points and tips:

  • Cause of up to 50% of fertility issues but difficult to diagnose and only surgically. It may be affecting your ability to conceive, even without symptoms so take precautions.

  • Conventional treatments can eventually worsen the endometriosis (hormones, painkillers) so try natural approach.

  • Avoid Dioxins – herbicides/chlorine, in bleach tampons – use pads/organic, organic underwear

  • Avoid Xenoestrogens – in milk, meat and plastics

  • In Chinese medicine, we consider endometriosis a liver imbalance

  • Reduce or cut out alcohol

  • Have a high anti-oxidant diet – eat lots of cooked veggies and fruits like berries, antioxidant drink

  • Eat organic radishes and carrots regularly

  • Liver cleanse with milk thistle

  • Use castor oil packs

  • Test for food sensitivity and allergies

  • Avoid refined sugars, white flour and rice

  • Use honey

  • Minimize stress

  • You may have Inflammation – those with endometriosis are four times as likely to have allergies

  • Thyroid antibodies are common with endometriosis. Get your thyroid tested.

  • Get tested for MTHFR factor – Take methylfolate instead of Folic Acid.

  • The supplement Wobenzyme may help.

  • Avoid soy

  • Vitamin E oil and Selenium (Brazil nuts) and magnesium may help with pain

I hope this video helps you to relieve your endometriosis and conceive your healthy baby!

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