Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

How to Correct Your Hormone Levels (AMH, FSH, Progesterone, Estrogen, etc.)

How do you increase AMH?

Lower FSH?

Increase Progesterone?

Balance Estrogen?

Besides being asked how to improve egg quality, these are some of the most common questions I’m asked. I always give the same answer.

You must address the underlying issues.

We’re used to the idea of taking a pill or supplement to replace what’s missing. Not enough B12? Take a B12 vitamin. Not enough iron? Take an iron supplement.

But it’s not that simple when it comes to your hormones.

Your hormones are like the canary in the coal mine. When your hormone levels are too low or too high, it’s a symptom of a greater issue. You see, hormones respond to signals in the body. It’s not that your body doesn’t have the hormones. It’s that your body isn’t making them…and for good reasons.

Your body makes hormones under the right conditions when your body signals to make the hormones. If the conditions aren’t right, then your body will shut down production of reproductive hormones because it isn’t the priority. Because that’s what it’s signaled to do.

For example, when you’re under stress, your body makes adrenaline. It needs adrenaline. The same ingredients that make adrenaline are needed to make progesterone. But guess what? Your body is being signaled to make adrenaline, not progesterone. So that’s what it’s going to do. Progesterone isn’t necessary when you’re in a state of stress.

The wisdom of your body knows that if you’re barely getting by, then it would be too much of a strain on your body to try to sustain new life. And it wouldn’t make for a healthy baby.

Does this mean you should simply take a hormonal supplement to fix the problem?

No. It means you need to change the state of your body so that it begins increasing or decreasing your hormones on its own as it would when its need are met. That means you’re healthier. That means baby is healthier. That means your body is ready to conceive.

So how do you get your body to correct its hormone levels?

It all comes down to reducing stress.

There are different kinds of stress: emotional, nutritional, toxic exposure, overwork, undersleep, poor circulation from tension, etc..

When your body’s needs are supported, it will naturally return to making reproductive hormones. So what should you do to increase your AMH or progesterone or decrease FSH?

You can:

  • Relax more

  • Work less

  • Eat healthy – healthy foods, regularly, slowly

  • Sleep more

  • Take nutritional supplements

  • Use preventative health care – all the Chinese medicine tools I teach on this website like acupuncture, acupressure, castor oil packs, etc.

  • Get outside and exercise (but don’t over-exercise – read this post about my recommended safe exercises when TTC)

Supplementing hormones, like progesterone (you can’t supplement AMH), are a bandaid fix to a larger issue. It doesn’t mean that it can’t help at all. But it’s not going to be nearly as effective at addressing the root of the issue. This is why Chinese medicine is so effective.

With the Chinese medicine approach, the “disease” isn’t treated (such as in low progesterone, low AMH or high FSH) but rather the entire body is treated so that the disease is naturally resolved.

For instance, the acupoints in the protocols of the Fertility Activation Method™ program aren’t specifically used for increasing progesterone, or any particular hormone, but rather they are designed to balance the body overall and meet its needs so that your body corrects its production of reproductive hormones on its own.

While your goal is to have a healthy happy and baby and it’s frustrating if you’re not getting pregnant as soon as you’d like, the blessing in disguise is that you’re forced to really look into your health issues – not only so that you can finally have your healthy baby, but so that you’re also healthy, happy and have the energy to be the parent you want to be. And so that you’re around for a long time to share countless memories with your daughter or son for decades to come.

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