Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

How Erin got pregnant NATURALLY at 40 with Stage 4 Endometriosis and Diminished Ovarian Reserve after TTC for 4 years with 3 failed IVF cycles under her belt

Today, I want to share an AMAZING case study with you to give you some encouragement and hope.

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I’m sure there’s plenty of times where you feel like, “Oh my God. This is never going to happen for me.”

That’s totally normal.

You’ve probably gone through a lot of disappointment, and you see other people getting pregnant, even though they’re people that may have struggled. And you feel like, “Well, it happened for them, but it’s still hard for me to believe that it’ll happen for me.”

So, this woman Erin, who’s a client of mine, she did my Fertility Activation Method program. She felt the same way. There was nothing that she wanted more than to hold a healthy baby in her arms. Before she found my program and started using it, she’d been trying to conceive for four years. She was 39 years old when she started, and now she’s 40. So she’s 39. Her doctor diagnosed her with diminished ovarian reserve, so she had very few eggs left, according to her doctor. And she was also diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis.

There’s three things that are going against her, right?

Especially from a Western medical approach. She’s 40 years old, or just about 40, stage 4 endometriosis, and her egg supply is dwindling. Right? Your chances are pretty slim. Any one of those alone could be a pretty grim prognosis in terms of getting pregnant naturally or with IVF. And the thing is, she tried IVF three times. So she had three failed IVF cycles under her belt.

Not only that, but when she did her IVF cycles, she was never even able to get to the transfer stage, because the embryos wouldn’t even make it to blastocyst. So they weren’t good enough quality. They couldn’t last a long enough time and keep growing to even make it to the point where she could transfer those embryos.

So poor Erin really had quite a difficult road. Not a whole lot of reason for her to feel hopeful that it was going to happen for her. And then after she’s gone through all of this, three failed IVF cycles, diminished ovarian reserve diagnosis, stage 4 endometriosis, which is also quite painful in and of itself. It’s endometriosis. It’s a very uncomfortable condition to deal with. And for those of you that have it, you’re quite aware of this.

Then her doctors told her, “You have to use an egg donor. That’s the only way that you’re going to get pregnant.” They pretty much gave up on her. They gave up on her own eggs, and they told her this was the only way that she could actualize her dream of being a mom. Or at least, other than adoption and some other options like that.

She said when she decided to start the Fertility Activation Method program, that’s when the doctor told her that she had to use an egg donor, she said it felt like a punch in the gut. So, if you’ve ever been given that speech by your doctor, I’m sure you know exactly how Erin felt in that moment. And egg donors are a wonderful option to have. However, when somebody tells you that they’re giving up on your eggs and that you have to use an egg donor, it’s definitely a really difficult thing to hear and accept. There’s a lot of grief and a lot of disappointment.

And in Erin’s case, she just was not ready to go down that road. I don’t know if it was just some gut instinct that she had or just a stubborn refusal to give up on her own eggs and what she really wanted. But that’s when serendipitously, she found my online program, the Fertility Activation Method. And she decided, “Well, I’ve got to dive into this full force and give it all I’ve got, because it’s basically my last resort before even considering using an egg donor.” Which like I said, was a punch in the gut to her.

So, she told me that she followed my program for three months, and then she got a positive pregnancy test for the first time in her life. Which is just, like, the coolest thing ever for obvious reasons, but also it’s like my favorite thing to either help people avoid having to do IVF because it’s stressful, it’s not good for your body, it’s not as healthy for the baby. And it’s going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m sure you have a million other places you’d rather spend that money and actually get pregnant like the good old-fashioned way for free, if it’s possible. But if you are going to do IVF, then you want to make sure the IVF’s going to be successful, right?

So, I like helping women on whatever path they’re on, but it’s especially amazing when a woman can avoid having IVF. Or if she’s tried IVF, and it hasn’t worked, and then the doctor’s pretty much given up on her, and then she gets pregnant naturally. That’s my other favorite. They’re both so exciting. But either way, this was just such a huge win for Erin because she trusted her gut. She gave her body the support, the love, and the tools, the resources that her body needed to become healthy. Because when your body’s healthy, then its natural state is to be fertile. It wants to get pregnant. So she got her body healthy, and then she was able to get pregnant naturally and experience that.

And then she was considered a high risk for an ectopic pregnancy because of her stage 4 endometriosis, and because she had had surgery for her endometriosis. So she went in for her first ultrasound to make sure that the pregnancy was healthy and that it was not ectopic. It wasn’t. She’s healthy. She has a healthy pregnancy. She was just about six weeks when she told me this and shared this amazing news. Believe it or not, she was going to start her fourth round in just a few weeks.

So think of all that money and stress that she saved. And of course, sparing herself from the additional fertility drugs that she was going to be putting into her body, which can make her endometriosis even worse. All of that estrogen, that synthetic estrogen, that can aggravate endometriosis.

So stories like Erin’s is why I love what I do, and I think that her story is so important because it really emphasizes the point that IVF is not guaranteed to work if the body can’t support the process. So whether you’re trying naturally or you’re trying with IVF, you need to give your body what it needs and address the underlying issues so that your body can be more fertile so that the IVF drugs have something to work with. Or so that your body can naturally be in the fertile state that it wants to be in.

That’s what my program focuses on, the Fertility Activation Method. It focuses on addressing the underlying issues that are keeping your body from being able to be in a natural fertile state and get pregnant naturally, like increasing circulation to your reproductive organs, improving your egg quality, and improving your digestion. All of these things. Reducing inflammation, balancing your hormones, all of these things can be done holistically when you give your body what it needs.

We are so thrilled for Erin. I really hope that her story encourages you no matter how difficult and impossible your situation feels. Her situation seemed pretty impossible with the diagnosis that she had, and three failed IVF cycles and so on and so forth. But she got pregnant naturally.

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