Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

When’s the best time to have intercourse?

What’s the best position?

How often should we try?

Watch my video below to hear my answers.

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me. Sorry, I just really wanted to do that, but I am going to talk about sex. I get this question a lot. I get the question, when is the best time to have intercourse to get pregnant? What’s the best position and how often should we try? Okay, so let’s get into this. First of all, there’s no like, black and white answer, unfortunately. That’s why you’ve probably tried Googling it and you’ve come across different answers. So I can’t say, well, there’s this one size fits all answer, start on this day, have it this many times. Do it at this time and this time, and boom, you’re good. This is where the importance of tracking your cycle comes in, to know when it’s the best time to have sex.

Now, if you have a really regular cycle, like let’s say you have a text book, perfect, 28 day cycle and you ovulate on day 14, then I would say have sex on day twelve, and 13, and probably 14, too. But most women don’t necessarily have that predictable of a cycle, or if it is that predictable, then you probably already know that that’s when you should be having sex. So one thing in terms of the frequency of having sex, like I would say have sex every day during your fertile window. So especially when, if you’re using the ovulation predictor kits, when you get a positive, then from that time until you ovulate, so usually it’s a maximum of 48 hours, right? So two days. So have sex both of those days from the time that you get a positive, sometimes women only get one day of a positive. So makes sure you’re having sex on those positive ovulation kit test days.

Now the fertile window can be a little bit longer than that because you may be having fertile cervical mucus say, up to like four or five days before you get that positive test. So once you start having that fertile cervical mucus before ovulation, then you’ve entered the fertile window, right? Because the cervical mucus is there to get that sperm up there waiting for the egg to pop out and for that sperm to stay alive so that you have more sperm and you’ve increased the chances of fertilization. So in that case, let’s say it’s four days before ovulation and you haven’t got a positive OPK test yet, but you are having that nice fertile cervical mucus. It’s like egg white color. It’s like stretching between your fingers. If you go like that then you can start having sex then, and you can have daily or you can do it every other day until you get that positive test and then make sure you’re doing it daily once you get that test.

But if your male partner has a low sperm count, then I would say every other day if his sperm count is healthy, then you can have it daily, but every other day if his counts is low because then he does need some time to replenish the amount and you want to make sure that he’s got enough for when it’s like total go time, which is when you get that positive OPK. So does that make sense? I hope that makes sense. You kind of have to feel it out and use your best judgment and you also have to consider it your stamina. Right? ‘Cause you don’t want to be totally burnt out by the time you do get the positive OPK reading.

And on that note, you want to make the most of sex. Right? So I know it’s really hard when you’re trying to conceive, especially if you’ve been trying a really long time and you’re at that point where you’re like, “Honey, like it’s time to go. I got the positive reading,” and it’s becoming more like a chore or something that you have to get done rather than something that you know, is coming naturally to you as a couple. So I know that that’s really challenging but as best as you can, you really want to avoid making it mechanical and just like, “Okay, come on, let’s get the job done hun, like get those boys up there,” and this is because the more relaxed you are and actually the more turned on you are, you’re going to be more fertile because your body is going to be relaxed. Your vaginal opening, your cervix, your fallopian tubes are all going to be more relaxed. They’re going to be more lubricated, they’re going to be more susceptible to fertilization.

That’s because like, this is the whole point of sex, is to get pregnant. So the more your like, into it, the more like the environment is conducive to fertilization. So, you know, take the time to get turned on first. Do some things to relax, maybe massage each other, you can if you prefer, people that are in my program Fertility Activation Method, they can use the acupressure videos first to relax themselves, relax your body. You know, you want to clear your mind from, you know, you’re like never ending to do list, whatever happened at work, maybe go for a walk, do some exercise so you can shake all of that energy off, or do some yoga or do the exercises from my program, Fertility Activation Method program. There are some wonderful exercises in there that are actually, really support your fertility and open it up so that you’re in your body and you know, don’t necessarily rush right into sex. You might want to take some like tantra class or like read some like tantra techniques online or you know, you can Google it, YouTube it, whatever to just like ease into it so that your body has time to relax, get turned on, get lubricated and so forth.

And you also want to prioritize orgasming right? I mean, and this can be a really fun thing for both you and your partner to have like a really good reason and be really motivated to prioritize your pleasure, right? Because orgasming creates the contractions that are also going to pull the sperm up into your uterus, into your fallopian tubes and ready and waiting to fertilize your egg. And so in this case, it may be that you want to prioritize quality over quantity. So not like, doing it every day to burn out on your stamina, but doing it every other day until you get that positive OPK reading and then doing it on that day and the next day, the two days that you get the positive rating.

And as far as positions go, you know, every woman’s body is different and every man’s body is different. So your cervix is positioned differently than other women. And you know, men’s bodies are different too. So the positions are going to work different, so I would recommend that you try a variety, you know, experiment with different positions. I think they say that missionary is the most conducive to successful fertilization, but I’ve had patients that were like, “You know, we did missionary for months and months and months. And the month we got pregnant, we did doggy style.” So I would suggest that you experiment and try different positions because there is no one position that’s going to be the best position for everyone’s body.

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