Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

“I have Asherman’s Syndrome/Uterine Scarring. What can I do to get pregnant?”

What if you have Asherman syndrome and uterine scarring?

Asherman syndrome is basically the technical term for uterine scarring.

This is a very common question I get. Here’s what you can do to get pregnant:

*Prior to watching my video, please note that I am not suggesting that you go against the advice of your doctor. You should consider all options and find a specialist to consult regarding your diagnosis. Surgery is often appropriate.

First off, here’s some information about Asherman syndrome.

It’s mostly caused from having procedures like D and C’s, whether from abortions or if you have a miscarriage or if you had procedures to diagnose and remove any abnormal growths. The procedure, the D and C, can cause scarring in the uterus and adhesions. Then the adhesions, the symptoms of Asherman syndrome and this uterine scarring, maybe that you’re not getting a period or your periods are very light, you’re not able to get pregnant. You may have pain with your period or even if you’re not getting a period, you may have pain because there is a cramping. Your body is trying to shed the uterine lining tissue, but there’s scar tissue that’s blocking the cervix. Your uterine lining isn’t able to shed and regenerate itself. Then you can imagine, there’s poor circulation to the uterus. Wherever there’s scar tissue, you’re going to have reduced circulation. The tissue’s going to be a little thicker, harder. It’s not going to have that life to it.

Then you can get additional residual tissue that’s left in the uterus because it’s trying to cleanse itself out, but because of the scarring and the adhesions, it’s not able to properly flush itself out. Then that residual tissue can also turn into polyps and so forth. Obviously this is going to affect your ability to get pregnant. It’s going to affect your ability to have successful implantation. So, it’s a real issue and it’s really difficult to treat. There’s not a lot that could be done from a western perspective. There are doctors that will do additional procedures, but obviously to try to clean out that scarring and those adhesions, but obviously that comes with a risk because what caused the scarring and the adhesions in the first place were procedures. So, it’s like a catch-22. It’s the only thing that they really have to offer to address the situation, but it could worsen the situation at the same time.

In the case of Asherman syndrome, it’s that much more important that you take matters into your own hands and that you employ methods to, from the inside out, clean out that uterus and create a healthier environment and soften and break up that scar tissue. It is possible. I’ve had patients who have done it and gotten pregnant successfully. Now from a Chinese medicine perspective, from my perspective, when you’re having really light periods or maybe you’re having periods that are light, but then you’re also having some dark tissue or clumps of tissue and so forth, then this means that for one thing, there’s not enough blood flow to the uterus that’s really nourishing the uterine lining, so there’s stuck blood, stuck energy, and a lack of nourishing energy and blood to the uterus. So, it’s really important to address this to increase the circulation to the uterine lining and to also improve digestion and to really nourish the body so that it’s able to build more healthy blood cells to deliver to your uterine lining.

So, we’re not only working on circulation to the uterus, but we’re also working on digestion because nutrition and your ability to actually break down food and turn it into nutrients that your body can use, is really important so that you have those healthy blood cells to nourish your uterine lining. You need to work on stress because stress constricts blood flow. The body’s often fatigued, so we need to restore energy in the body so it has the energy to break down and move this stagnant tissue, the scar tissue, the adhesions and all of the other build up there from the blockage of flow.

You can’t just rely on a western approach, which would be surgery. And if anything, you want to avoid surgery. So, you have to address the situation inside out. The methods in my program, Fertility Activation Method, are designed for this purpose. Not just the case of Asherman syndrome, but for a variety of fertility issues. The goals are often the same, which is creating a healthy uterine environment, replenishing the body’s resources, and so forth. But in the case of Asherman syndrome, you really need to employ these holistic methods to create a uterine environment in which you can actually get pregnant and sustain that pregnancy and have a healthy baby.

The good news is that these tools work. For instance, castor oil packs. A castor oil pack is a really good way to begin that process of softening up that scar tissue and cleaning out the uterine environment. But you really need to be very consistent. Supplements are also really important. Because your body really needs the nutrients because it’s not just the case of having that scarring, but what makes someone prone to that uterine scarring, because there’s many women out there that have had abortions or miscarriages or procedures and they don’t all end up with Asherman syndrome. So, what makes you more prone is that your body was most likely lacking the nourishment and the circulation and the energy it needed to properly heal the uterus after having had those procedures.

So, again, you need to increase the circulation to the uterus, get a healthy period, unblock those blockages, and nourish your body so that it can nourish the uterus. Then you can get pregnant.

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I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you if you have Asherman syndrome to take these matters into your hand and use these resources, which work. These are tools that I have been using for over a decade now, from clients that I’ve worked with, for creating a healthier uterine environment.

So, please, please, please do this for yourself. I don’t want you to have to go through more surgeries and for the situation to get worse.

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