Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

Are you eating this toxic ingredient that could be destroying your fertility?

Are you eating this TOXIC ingredient that may be wreaking havoc on your whole body and keeping you from getting pregnant?

If so, STOP EATING IT NOW! Find out what ingredient I’m talking about in this video…

There is one ingredient that we probably all have without even realizing how much we’re having it, and it’s extremely toxic, and it can cause at least 92 different symptoms in your body that are pretty severe. They’re pretty bad symptoms, and we think it’s totally harmless. We don’t think anything of it, and it can be affecting your fertility. And so I want to tell you what that ingredient is, because I want you to eliminate it from your life immediately following this video. I want you to never have this ingredient again.

So, drum roll. What is the ingredient? Aspartame. Artificial sweetener. It is in gum. It’s in mints. It’s in all sorts of food. It’s in drinks. It’s in no fat, or no sugar type products. It’s all over the place, and it’s really toxic.

I remember a few years back, I had a patient who had urinary issues. She had urinary urgency and sometimes she had, well quite often she actually blood in her urine. She had symptoms that were pretty severe urinary tract infection, but she had it all the time. It was chronic. I mean, you can just imagine, if you’ve ever had a UTI which most women have, they’re awful. They’re miserable. So she had this all the time, but she didn’t have an infection.

They did all the testing, and they couldn’t find any reason for it. I treated her, too. I treated her in all the ways that Chinese medicine treats the symptoms that she had, with herbs and acupuncture and there were no changes. And I was really stumped. And then luckily, one day her husband was doing some research for her because he felt so bad. What a sweetheart. And he found a link to aspartame and urinary issues that were similar to hers.

She had, I forget, she had some diet soda or something on a regular basis, or maybe it was just chewing gum. So she eliminated that. She stopped having aspartame, and boom, just like that, this chronic pretty severe symptom vanished, never to return. And she had had this for at least a year or so.

That was a real wake up call to me because I hadn’t realized that aspartame was that bad. I chewed gum and I knew it’s not great, but I didn’t really think much of it. And I don’t think most of us do think much of it when we have gum or drinks or anything that’s just sugar-free.

So actual sugar is healthier for you than these artificial sweeteners. They go by different names, too, not just aspartame. I think like sucralose and some other funky names. You can Google it and look at the different names, so you know exactly what ingredients to look for.

Let me just go over some of the symptoms here, some of the side effects that aspartame can cause. And I have a list here, and I’m going to start with some that can affect your fertility. I also think it’s important to understand that it’s addictive, which I found, because I won’t chew gum for a really long time. And then maybe I’ll go to the airport and I’m going to be flying, and I like chewing gum on the plane just for the ear plug thing. And it’s really hard to find gum without aspartame in it. Some gums that are even not sugar-free have aspartame as well as sugar. But there are some gums that you can get in health food stores that don’t have sugar and they don’t have the artificial sweeteners. They use Stevia and things like that.

I’ve noticed that it is addictive because I have no desire to chew gum. And then if I chew one piece, I’m suddenly like, “I’m going going to chew gum all the time.” And that’s because aspartame is addictive. So that’s pretty terrifying. I mean that sounds so dramatic, but it’s just, how do these things get approved? Right? How does the FDA approve these things? It’s just so fishy to me, that are addictive and can cause all of these issues.

Now depending on the source that you go to, some sources will say, “No, aspartame’s no big deal.” But I kind of feel like that that’s probably the same people that got it passed through the FDA… I can tend to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist. There are other sources and research that’s been done that does show that there’s some of these side effects, and I’m convinced in the potential of pretty severe side effects because of what my patient experienced.

I mean, bleeding. Blood in your urine from chewing gum, that sounds like a pretty toxic chemical to me. That is not a normal symptom. And obviously, most people aren’t experiencing this, but that’s what’s even scarier that, who knows what’s happening underneath the surface that we’re not aware of that’s caused by aspartame? Something as simple as chewing gum.

So anyways, because the doctors I’m sure will never catch that. Her doctors didn’t. So you might as well just take it out of your diet altogether and be on the safe side. Neurologically, it can cause epileptic seizures, headaches, migraines. So whenever there’s headaches and migraines, it’s often hormonally related as well. That can be affecting your fertility. Anything that’s going to affect you neurologically could really affect any area of your body. So if it can cause epileptic seizures and dizziness, headaches, and so forth, tremors, restless legs, hyperactivity. Any of these things that are going to affect your nervous system can affect your fertility as well.

It can cause depression, irritability, aggression, anxiety, personality changes, insomnia, which can affect your fertility. It can cause a loss of control of diabetes. So this is the endocrine system and the metabolic system. Menstrual changes, thinning of hair. It can affect your thyroid, so it may be contributing to hypothyroidism, and maybe that’s why we have such an epidemic of hypothyroidism with women. Maybe it’s just because of all of this aspartame. It can cause aggravated low blood sugar and severe PMS. So that means it can affect your fertility.

And here it says, in the other column, it can affect frequency of voiding and burning during urination. So that has been confirmed. And the list goes on and on. There’s actually 92 symptoms, and it can contribute to hypothyroidism, Epstein Barr, chronic fatigue, MS. A lot of these autoimmune issues, which means it could also be affecting PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and so forth.

So some of the common foods that aspartame is in, is in diet soda, soft drinks, including sports drinks and a lot of bottled fruit and vegetable juices. So maybe you’re thinking, “Oh, this is so healthy.” Or flavored coffees. As I mentioned, gum and mints, candies. You have to look also in yogurt. That’s so disgusting to me. Just so toxic. Condiments.

Yup, so watch out for anything that’s called low sugar or sugar-free or fat-free. Read the labels and use natural sweeteners and stay away from aspartame, please. Okay? It’s a simple thing that, who knows what effect it may be having on your health and fertility?

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