Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

How To Manage Endometriosis To Increase Your Fertility And Get Pregnant Faster

Endometriosis not only affects your ability to conceive, it can cause extreme discomfort throughout your cycle.

While endometriosis isn’t considered curable, there are definitely measures you can take to manage it so that you can increase your fertility and your quality of life.

When managing endometriosis so you can get pregnant, there are 4 major goals to focus on throughout your cycle: Moving, Cleansing, Balancing and Nourishing.

In this short video, I talk about how to increase your fertility and manage your endometriosis.

If you have endometriosis, then it’s definitely a concern when it comes to your fertility, as you obviously know. And it also can be very uncomfortable or downright excruciatingly painful. And it’s certainly, probably a major concern of yours especially when you’re trying to get pregnant. And you’re probably really frustrated because your doctor might not have any suggestion other than taking Lupron, which will throw you into menopause, which seems pretty counterintuitive when you’re trying to get pregnant, right? And it’s a little scary to take such strong hormonal medication. But you do need to do something because you cannot obviously just, you know, let your endometriosis run rampant, right? Because that’s really not going to do much for your fertility and you really want to increase your fertility.

So I’m going to talk about what’s really important to focus on if you have endometriosis so that you can manage it so that you can get pregnant so that you can increase your fertility and so that you can also improve the quality of your life.

Because endometriosis can be so disruptive and uncomfortable and it’s also a sign of some health issues and it can actually be quite dangerous as well. There are four major focuses throughout your cycle when you have endometriosis from a Chinese medicine perspective. And these four focuses are to move, to cleanse, to balance, and to nourish. Okay. So I’m going to go into a little bit more detail about each one of these goals. Let’s begin with move. Moving energy. Moving blood, circulation in other words is very, very important because whenever you have an accumulation of tissue or irregular growth of pathogenic tissue like endometrial tissue, then there’s an issue of poor blood and energy circulation. Obviously things are stuck, they’re not moving, so they’re gathering, they’re accumulating. This is the case for fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, scar tissue, and of course we’re talking about endometriosis, which can actually even cause further scar tissue.

So it’s really important to keep things moving. You need to keep your energy moving. We call this chi, keep your chi moving and you need to keep your blood moving because if it’s not moving and it gets stuck, then it can pile up on top of each other. Cause blockages and cause pathogenic tissue growth like endometrial tissue growing rampant in places it’s not supposed to be growing. So that’s move. You want to keep things moving throughout your cycle.

Then the next focus is cleansing. Okay, so specifically, I mean your whole body, but especially the liver. The liver is responsible for filtering out excess hormones and old hormones and synthetic hormones from your body. So endometriosis is an estrogen dependent disease. So estrogen encourages endometriosis growth. It basically feeds into endometriosis growth. It feeds into it so that tissue is going to be growing outside the uterus, possibly in your intestines in your abdomen places and you know in your tubes around your ovaries. Places it shouldn’t be growing.

It’s an estrogen dominant condition and unfortunately a lot of women have estrogen dominant conditions these days. It can be from pesticides in foods, it can be from body products. A lot of body products actually have what are called hormone disruptors and synthetic estrogens. Things that throw our hormones off and may cause you to have lower progesterone levels. May cause irregular estrogen release because the estrogen disruptors, the chemicals kind of mimic estrogen in our system anyways. Just chemicals essentially that are throwing off our hormones. And when the liver is overwhelmed by other toxins as well, you know, any other toxins from pollution, from foods, from wherever in our system, then it makes it harder for the liver to process out the excess estrogen. So you want to make sure that your liver is clean so that it can process out this excess estrogen.

So it’s not feeding into the endometrial tissue growth. And you want to make sure that your liver is clean from other toxins so it’s able to process this excessive estrogen. And also you want to make sure that you’re having regular bowel movements. All right, this is another way that the body cleanses, and this also has to do with moving. You want to make sure that there’s no stuck energy in your bowels so that you’re having sluggish bowels because what happens then when you have sluggish bowels, then all of these toxins are reabsorbed into your system that are waiting to be excreted, but they’re taking too long to be excreted from the body, so they’re reabsorbed through the intestinal walls. So toxic estrogen, excessive synthetic estrogens and other stuck toxic matter can then be reabsorbed into the body and contribute to your endometrial growth, tissue growth.

So then we move on to balance. So you really want to make sure that your hormones are balanced. You want to make sure that your progesterone and your estrogen levels are balanced with that, the excessive estrogen isn’t feeding into the endometrial tissue growth. Also, this will make your cycle more regular and it will keep things moving. So when your hormones are balanced … All of these things are connected to each other independent. It’s not like step one move, step two cleanse, step three balance, step four nourish. It’s all kind of at the same time because if things aren’t moving, things won’t be cleaning. If things aren’t clean, thanks won’t be moving. If things aren’t balanced, things won’t be moving. If things aren’t nourished, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You get the point. So all of these four goals are simultaneously given attention to.

When your hormones are balanced, then you’re going to have more movement. Things aren’t going to get stuck as easily. Things are going to cleanse more easily. And then when your progesterone levels are balanced, the estrogen won’t get so out of hand and proliferate that endometrial tissue growth.

And then we have nourish. Now a depleted body that’s not getting enough nourishment, that’s really tired, is more likely to have stuck blood and energy. It’s going to have that accumulation of tissue. And that’s because, think about a river that’s running dry, a river that’s not nourished. There’s going to be more pockets where the water’s just pooled and stagnant. But when a river is really got a lot of water in it and it’s got a lot of flow, because it’s full of water, it’s not running dry. Then there’s that movement, that free flow, there isn’t like stagnant pockets.

Well, the same thing is with your blood flow, so you want to make sure that your blood cells are nourished and that you have enough energy to keep your blood moving because if you don’t, then it’s more likely to get stuck. So it’s also harder, if you’re not properly nourished, then it’s going to be a lot more difficult to have balanced hormones because your body needs the nutrients, it needs the nourishment to actually produce progesterone, to build hormones. And it’s also going to be a lot harder to cleanse because your body won’t have the nourishment that it needs to keep your body clean. The liver needs nutrients to be able to to clean itself and filter out toxins from the body.

These four important goals for managing endometriosis so that you can be fertile so that you can successfully get pregnant. And it’s really healthy for a woman with endometriosis to get pregnant because pregnancy can actually really help to break down, resolve a lot of the hormones happen, the blood flow that happens. The magic that happens during pregnancy can really help to resolve a lot of endometriosis, a lot of the accumulation of that tissue and so forth to help reverse that pattern.

So you’re probably wondering, how do I do this?

How do I move, cleanse, balance and nourish my body and focus on these four goals throughout my cycle to increase my fertility? And how do I support my whole body to manage my endometriosis so that I’m able to actually get pregnant and so that endometriosis is kept under control?

Well, I will teach you my five step process in my free masterclass. I will teach you my four step process for supporting your body, supporting your cycle so that you’re able to manage you endometriosis and get pregnant in a easier, faster, and healthier way.

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