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Acupressure As A Powerful DIY Fertility Treatment

Listen to my podcast episode with Fertility Hour to learn:

0:02 Heidi’s introduction

0:54 DIY Acupuncture? Heidi explains how acupuncture is not just about needles and how everyone can access this amazing system of medicine.

3:20 Passion for helping couples conceive-how Heidi got involved in the fertility field.

6:59 Fertility sisterhood-Heidi discusses the incredibly supportive community she has created on Facebook.

8:21 Anxiety and depression-Heidi talks about simple self care tools.

13:20 The interconnectedness & healing power of Chinese Medicine.

15:40 Acupressure as a self care tool in fertility explained.

19:10 Castor oil packs-a wonderful folk medicine remedy discussed.

23:32 Abdominal massage-a simple and effective way to get nutrients to your developing eggs.

29:33 Yintang-Heidi show us this powerful point for calming the mind.

32:23 What is a healthy menses? From length to clots to color.

39:13 The Pill and its effects on fertility.

45:13 Heidibrockmyre.com Free resources and informational videos on acupressure points, castor oil packs and more.

46:17 How do you know if self care is working? What signs to look for that you are going in the right direction.

49:56 Fertility frustration-why some people’s constitution leads to fertility challenges.