Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

"How to Get Rid of Fibroids Naturally"

Today I want to talk about fibroids. This is a common fertility problem and I want to let you know today that THERE IS HOPE if you have fibroids.

I have so many women ask me if they can get rid of their fibroids naturally. And yes you can. But what I want to first start talking about is the size and location of fibroids, and the significance of that. So, in some cases fibroids can grow to be quite large, even the size of a baseball or a grapefruit. And then the fibroid can either cause blockages, can block off your fallopian tubes, or prevent implantation, or even be pushing on other organs. So, if you have a really large fibroid, then you definitely do want to discuss with your doctor the possibility of surgery, because sometimes that is the most effective and efficient way to go.

That being said, it also depends on how much time you’re willing to try natural methods. It depends on how much pressure, or if that large fibroid is causing any other kinds of problems or damage. And so it can be more of an acute situation that needs to be addressed sooner than later. But what I would say that no matter what… if you’re getting surgery or if you’re not getting surgery for a fibroid, what’s really important to remember is that you still want to do the same things that you would as if you were trying to get rid of your fibroid naturally, even if you’re having surgery because you don’t want it to grow back. And fibroids do have the tendency to grow back because of the underlying issue that caused them to grow in the first place was not addressed. So, if you have smaller fibroids that are maybe not blocking the fallopian tubes or they’re not affecting your ability to implant according to your doctor, you probably don’t need surgery in that case.

But you also do want to make sure that you are addressing the underlying cause of the growth of your fibroids naturally, so that you can shrink them, and or make sure that they don’t grow any bigger or grow any more. So, from a Western perspective or a non-Chinese medicine perspective, the reason that you’re growing fibroids is because there’s an imbalance in hormones in your system, there’s too much estrogen. And we’re exposed to a lot of toxic estrogen these days. It may be that you took birth control, maybe that you took fertility drugs, but estrogens can also be in our drinking water because people have birth control, and then they go to the bathroom and then that gets circulated into our drinking water, and it’s not getting removed by the treatment plan. So, unfortunately a lot of our water is polluted with prescription drugs and so forth.

So, that’s how both men and women can have estrogen in their system and it can affect male fertility as well. It’s also in pesticides. You also want to be careful of soy products, especially a lot of genetically modified foods now that have phytoestrogen like soy can cause problems as well. And so when we have this synthetic estrogen in our system, even if you’re taking bio identical estrogen, if it’s not produced by your body, it’s considered synthetic, and it has a very different effect on your endocrine system. It’s going to tell your brain, stop producing estrogen, we have plenty. But the estrogen that’s synthetic that’s coming from outside of your body doesn’t act the same way. And so first of all, it causes imbalance between the progesterone levels and the estrogen levels. And the purpose of the hormone estrogen is to grow, to facilitate growth.

So, your estrogen is higher, it’s dominant in the first half of your cycle before ovulation. And that’s because it’s helping your uterine lining to grow, and it’s helping you to grow an egg for ovulation. But when you have estrogen that’s unhealthy estrogen, then it can cause top growth that’s unhealthy. And in this case, the growth of a fibroid. So, that would be from a non-Chinese perspective. But from a Chinese medicine perspective, we consider a few different patterns, imbalances that can be going on that can contribute to the growth of fibroids. One of them is what we would call stuck liver energy. So, stuck liver energy can be caused from a few different things. Basically it’s caused by stress. But stress is not just, I’m stressed out because I have a deadline coming up. Certainly that stress can definitely affect the smooth flow of your liver energy, but so can toxins like what I was just talking about—toxic estrogens that can cause stress on the liver because your liver is cleaning all of the toxins out of your system.

It’s metabolizing them so they can be excreted. But if your liver is overloaded by toxins, it’s going to be stressed out, it’s going to be sluggish. It’s not going to be able to efficiently clean those toxins out of your body. And then it’s also going to get what we would say, and from what acupuncture says—it’s going to get kind of cranky. And the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of energy throughout your body. And it’s also responsible for regulating your menstrual cycle and your hormonal balance. So, when your liver energy is stuck and overloaded by toxins and so forth, it just can’t operate smoothly. And so it will cause hormonal imbalances, or if you already have a hormonal imbalance, it’s going to affect liver energy. If you have that excess estrogen in your system, if you’ve taken a lot of synthetic hormones, birth control and so forth. Also, if you’re not getting enough sleep, or your diets off, or you are emotionally, mentally stressed out, these are all things that are going to affect your liver energy.

Another thing that can cause fibroids is the stuck Qi and blood. Basically not having great circulation to your reproductive organs. So, if you think about the fact that estrogen, synthetic estrogen is going to cause growth. If you also don’t have fresh blood and you don’t have movement, then you’re going to have growth and it’s going to accumulate. It’s going to get bigger and bigger and bigger where it stuck in that place. But if you have good fresh blood flow, it’ll help clean out and move along that toxic estrogen, and it will keep things from not accumulating and growing.

Another thing from a Chinese medicine perspective that can lead to the buildup of growing fibroids is what we would say is deficient blood and QI. That’s basically a weakness of energy and good blood flow again. So, that the movement isn’t there, the circulation is not great. It’s not keeping the flow going, and then you can have this accumulation of tissue and this is because there’s just a weakness there. There isn’t the energy to keep things moving, and this can be possibly from weak digestion. If your digestion energy is weak, then you’re not going to have good healthy blood flow and Qi flow to keep things moving. It can also be that there’s a deficiency of warmth. If you are somebody who is cold all the time, or if you have cold hands and feet. If you don’t have good warmth, then it’s also not going to keep things moving so that you’re going to get that accumulation of tissue, the fibroid growth. So to recap, fibroids are caused by toxins and lack of movement, stuck blood and energy, poor circulation.

And there are different things that can lead to toxic buildup and this stuck flow, right? So, as you can see, everything is connected. We all want simple answers, but it’s not just a matter of do this one thing, stand on your head, or pat your head and your belly at the same time and that’s going to poof, make your fibroid go away, or it’s not eat this one thing or that. There are definite things that you can do with your diet and supplements to help clean out the toxic estrogen and so forth, help keep your liver nice and clean, support your digestion and everything. But it’s not just a matter of if you do this one thing or eat this one thing that’s going to cure your fibroids.

And this is the case for most infertility issues. You have to support your whole body and all the systems are connected. I know it sounds really complicated, but it’s not that complicated. But you do just want to make sure that you’re covering all bases, so that you’re effectively preventing fibroids from growing back and supporting your body and shrinking the fibroids that are there. And you do need to be aggressive with this and cover all these bases, because once that pattern is there growing fibroids, it can be a pretty aggressive pattern. And this is why I love to teach my four step fertility reset method. And this is why it works, because it prepares your whole body and brings your whole body into balance, so that you can shrink your fibroids. And so that you can keep them from growing back, and you can finally fall pregnant.

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