Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

"How can I reset my fertility?

Hi. So, maybe you’re wondering if you can reset your fertility. You feel like your fertility has just maybe gotten off track and you want to do some things to just reset it, start fresh and get your fertility back on track so that you can conceive your beautiful baby.

Well, the good news is your body is really resilient and your body wants to be healthy and wants to be fertile even after it’s had failed fertility treatments, even if you’re over 40 because your body doesn’t really care how old it is, as long as it’s still ovulating, as long as it’s still in its reproductive years and you haven’t come through menopause yet. Your body is still trying to get pregnant and it wants to be healthy and fertile.

Resetting your fertility involves a few different steps. They’re simple, but do require commitment, consistency and patience

Balance your hormones and get a healthy cycle, balance the systems of your body that are in relationship with your fertility through lifestyle changes and specific supportive methods, work on mindset and keep track of your progress – stay in tune with your body.

So, when you give your body the right support, when you give your body what it needs, it’s able to restore itself, bring itself back into balance and it can be so resilient and bounce back, but what’s critical is giving your body the right support because it’s probably gotten to this position where your fertility isn’t prime for pregnancy over time. There’s probably been lifestyle habits and just certain circumstances or things that your body’s been exposed to or hasn’t gotten enough nutrition or sleep and it just will need the extra support to overcome those obstacles and bring itself back. But if you don’t give it that support, then it’s either going to stay the same or continue to go further in the direction of imbalance. Right.

But, the good news is I’ve seen so many women, time and time again take the right steps to reset their fertility, even after they’ve had multiple failed fertility treatments, they’ve been trying for years, they were told by their doctors that there’s not really any hope for them. They were told that they need to use an egg donor, but the women we’re not necessarily ready to go that route or weren’t really thrilled to hear that. I’ve seen these women get pregnant. Some of them, a lot of them get pregnant naturally even after their doctors gave up on them after failed fertility treatments and said that there’s hope. This is even after several years of trying and having miscarriages and everything. So, I know it’s possible. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it with plenty of hopeless cases, but resetting your fertility, that’s what I specialize in is supporting women and teaching them, guiding them in how to reset their fertility.

It involves a few different steps. They are simple steps, but they do require commitment, consistency, patience. They do require an investment, an investment of your time, your energy, your resources, but when you do take these steps then and you do commit to giving your body what it needs and you’re consistent and patient with the process, then you can reset your fertility. What this involves is balancing your hormones so that you have a healthy cycle. This is really important, even if you’re using fertility treatment to have a balanced hormones and a healthy cycle.

It involves balancing all the systems of your body that are in relationship with your fertility, that are in relationship with reproductive organs. We can get really focused on like, well, I need my ovaries to be healthy. I need my uterus to be healthy. I need to have healthy eggs and completely forget about the fact that maybe you’re not sleeping well, or maybe your liver not detoxing well, or maybe your immune system’s not doing so hot, or maybe your digestive system is not doing so hot, but the thing is all of these other systems are in direct relationship with your reproductive system. That means your ovaries, your eggs, your hormones, your uterus depend on healthy sleep. They depend on what’s going on in all these other areas of your body. It’s all interconnected. They’re not just separate organisms that aren’t interacting with each other. They’re in relationship.

And so, creating a harmony between the relationship of your reproductive organs and the other systems of your body. This is one of the steps involved in resetting your fertility. And so, this requires oftentimes lifestyle changes and implementing specific supportive methods like ones that I teach the women that I work with in my program to support that harmony between all of the systems in your body, and then also mindset, working on your mindset.

Mindset is really important for a lot of different reasons when it comes to resetting your fertility. And then, of course keeping track of your progress because oftentimes, we can have sort of tunnel vision on like, am I pregnant or and I’m not pregnant, and if I’m not pregnant then nothing’s working. I’m not improving, but that’s really oftentimes not the case. So, it’s a matter of becoming more in tune with your body so that you can have a measured progress and know that you’re on the right path even if you’re not pregnant quite yet. That’s another really important step because that’s really vital for staying consistent and committed and patient with the process of resetting your fertility.

So, this video here is just a short introductory video about resetting your fertility and how it’s done and how you can do it successfully to get pregnant, but if you want to learn more in detail about my four step method for resetting your fertility, the one that has worked for so many of my clients, then you can sign up for free to watch my masterclass in the link posted above this video where you will learn my four step, simple four step method, for resetting your fertility. So, I would love to see you there at this masterclass.

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