Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

"How can I help my man improve his fertility and sperm quality?"

How can you help your man improve his fertility and his sperm quality?

40% of all infertility cases involve both the man and the woman.

This is something that’s often overlooked by doctors. They usually focus primarily on the woman and that’s even the case even if they know that there is male factor in fertility or sperm quality issues.

Maybe low morphology or low sperm count or both or motility, whatever it may be. Because from their perspective, really the solution is the same. The solution is either to do IUI or IVF.

Watch my video below to learn other options and how your man can improve his fertility.

Well, there are studies that confirm that even using ICSI when there’s poor morphology, but then that still will affect the quality of the embryo. So there’s not a whole lot of studies out there on this, but there aren’t enough studies to confirm that the quality of the sperm is important, whether you’re trying naturally or with using IVF. And it just kind of makes sense, right? It’s logical. It’s 50% of the DNA that’s going into creating the embryo in your baby. Right? So healthy sperm sounds like a really good idea. And the healthier the sperm is, even if the issue is primarily on the females’ side of things. So even if it’s like, “Well, there’s definitely some issues on my side, so it’s probably mostly me.” The stronger you make the sperm, the more able it can help to like compensate for anything that’s going on your side.

So let’s say for instance, you don’t have the best cervical mucus, so if the sperm, if they’re not the best swimmers, then they’re going to have even that much more trouble fertilizing the egg. But if your cervical mucus is just so-so or not the best, but you have like really healthy swimmers, then they may still be able to overcome that obstacle. And that’s just one example. So you also want the sperm to be strong enough to fertilize the egg to break through and so on and so forth. So healthy sperm is really important. And so couples generally have more success when both partners are doing their part in improving their fertility.

So here are just some basics that you may be overlooked or you may not have been told by your doctor.

So this is what I would recommend that you tell your guy.

Don’t put cell phones in the front like, in the pockets around his testicles. So get him a man purse or whatever it may be.

t’s also not great to keep them around the kidneys. The low back. It does kind of provide a challenge like, where do I keep that pesky phone? But definitely don’t keep it near the testicles. Remember the testicles need to stay cool and these cell phones are like heat emitters. Right? And also there’s that electromagnetic field that could potentially also be affecting the health of the sperm as they mature.

So the same goes for laptops. Tell him, if you see him with the laptop, right on his lap with no barrier there, “No, take it off! Not good. Don’t cook the balls, please.” Even my son, when I see him put the laptop right on him, I’m like, “My grandchildren!” I also just don’t like a laptop in direct contact with my body or a cell phone. I try to avoid it because I just don’t think it’s that healthy. Whenever I use my cell phone, I never just put it to my ear. If I’m going to be talking for a while, I always use earphones and I don’t use the ear bud. That’s just like Bluetooth to my ear. I don’t like having that electromagnetic field right on my body. But definitely you want to keep that away from his boys. Okay?

And then if he’s a cyclist, if he likes bicycling to work or cycling as a sport cyclist, you need to tell him that’s not good either. That’s generating a lot of heat as he’s cycling and also the pressure. It’s kind of like a local trauma and pressure on his testicles, which can impede flow and so forth and affect his sperm quality.

Also, no hot tubs, saunas, no baths, hot baths. Those things are all heat. They’re heating up the area and again, sperm are very delicate. That’s why they have to be kept outside of the body, because inside the body’s too hot for them to survive, so you want to avoid that extra heat. This includes the underwear, making sure that he’s wearing comfortable cotton underwear that’s breathable. So again, he isn’t building up and infecting his sperm quality.

I would also strongly urge him to cut down or completely eliminate coffee and alcohol. Sometimes that is enough to work wonders for sperm quality. I’ve seen guys who have had pretty dismal sperm reports where their count was low and their motility was low and their morphology was low. And then they just cut out coffee and alcohol or significantly reduced it from having maybe like several beers a week to just one beer a week.

I would also recommend that he minimize sugar and dairy. That can cause a lot of phlegm in the system and inflammation that can block flow to his testicles for healthy maturation of sperm.

And in some cases I would also recommend considering giving up gluten, soy and corn, especially if he has any sensitivity or any kind of inflammatory condition because that can really trigger inflammation. Soy as well has a lot of estrogen, and on that note, it’s good for him to eat organic pesticides, also have estrogens in them. Gosh, I mean you really even have to be worried about water. Like tap water has estrogen in it from women’s birth control, and it just, being in the system when they go to the bathroom and it gets into the public water and that’s not removed. And so men are getting a lot of estrogens in their system, which it can disrupt their hormones.

So make sure he’s eating organic. And I really recommend eating lot of antioxidants. In fact, I recommend an antioxidant supplement in my supplement guide, like an antioxidant powder, an organic one to have on a daily basis. Antioxidants also work wonders for sperm quality. There’s lot of studies out there that confirm that. So, lots of antioxidants and vegetables and fruits and even taking a daily antioxidant powder. You can refer to with one of my supplement guide. You can find that on heidibrockmyre.com/supplements.

If you would like to learn more about resetting your fertility as well as resetting your man’s fertility, then feel free to sign up for my free masterclass. It’s my four step method for resetting your fertility. I hope this was helpful.

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