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The Body’s Amazing Self Healing Ability

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 12.42.15 PM.pngI was so honored to be interviewed on Michelle Oravitz’s, The Wholesome Fertility Podcast.
Here are the main points that I discussed during the interview:
  • How my international travels and studies got me obsessed with natural medicine.

  • My perspective in treating the person instead of the disease.

  • “You are not broken. You do not have a disease.”

  • My definition of Chinese Medicine and why I feel so empowered by it.

  • The easiest practices you can do to start balancing your fertility.

  • The power of castor oil packs for hormonal issues and painful periods.

  • Chinese Medicine looks at where the system is blocked and imbalanced to create a body where it can do the healing.

  • Why I don’t like the word “infertility.”

  • “Where there’s flow, there’s health. Where there’s a blockage, there’s disease.”

  • Why the liver is so crucial to restoring health and fertility.

  • How emotions are linked to our organs and how they can harm fertility.

  • The importance of having a regular menstrual cycle.